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[Apr 18 '16] Committee and Website Project Update

The response to our announcement to move forward with a comprehensive AFP website revitalization has been nothing short of tremendous. More than two thousand volunteers have come forward to serve on advisory committees and we received dozens of valuable referrals for website developers to help us with our project.

So, as you can imagine, March and April were very busy months for us. Beyond preparing for conference, we fielded numerous requests by web developers for clarification on project specs and we began to sift through the two thousand requests for seats on our project advisory committees. We’re talking to other organizations that have recently redesigned their websites for suggestions and advice about process and pitfalls, and we’re continually refining lists of business and technical requirements that need to be prioritized and accommodated over the life of the project.

Because of the volume of bid inquiries and volunteers we are vetting, the deadline for bid submissions was extended to April 22. Our internal communication team will identify two finalists for the bid in early May; we’ll call on one of our advisory committees and the AFP executive team to contribute to the process of selecting the winning vendor in mid-May. After a brief getting-to-know you and orientation period, work will begin in earnest by June.

More updates to come in May. Thank you again for your support and interest in the web project.

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