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How To Use AFP2P

Thank you for joining us on AFP’s new members-only online community – AFP2P!

AFP2P_PoweredByBBSocial_NewGetting started on AFP2P is a snap – simply click the AFP2P link you will see at the top of the AFP homepage, or visit Because AFP2P is a members-only benefit, you will be prompted to log in with your AFP User ID and Password. Once logged in, AFP2P will recognize you as a member and populate your profile with information from our database! But this is just the starting point – learn how to enhance you profile, join groups and discussions, and more! 

Your P2P Member Profile*

Your member profile is how community members with like interests and similar backgrounds will find, connect, and network with you.  Take some time to complete your profile and upload your photo. 

AFP2P_ProfileSidebarTo set up or edit your profile:

  • From the AFP2P home page, select "My P2P Profile" from the community navigation.
  • Select "Profile" from the left rail menu.
  • The initial "Screen Name" provided to you by the database may default to your last name and member ID number (for example, "Smith00007021"). Please be sure to change your Screen Name to one by which you'd like the community to know you.  
  • Fill in your profile information and select "Save" at the bottom of the page.

To update your profile picture:

  • Select "Update your photo" from under the default avatar on the left rail of your profile.
  • Select the button to "Update Image."
  • In the popup window, click on the "Browse" button to search your local files for the image that you would like to use.
  • Once you have selected your photo, select the "Upload File" button.

From the "My P2P Profile" section of the community, you can also:

  • Send and receive personal messages through your Inbox.
  • Manage friend requests that you have sent or received.
  • Review comments others have posted on your profile.
  • Send Bulletins to all of your community friends.
  • Create or import a blog.
  • Upload photos and documents.
  • Create community events and manage your calendar.

To see how other community members will see your profile, select "View Profile."

*Note: While we encourage all members to fill out their AFP2P profile for a more robust user experience, these changes will only be reflected in the AFP2P community. If you would like certain profile changes to be made to your official AFP records, you will still need to go to the My AFP Profile page ( on

Joining Groups

The heart and soul of the AFP2P community are our groups. As the AFP2P community grows, the number of participants in these groups will increase, and the need for new groups will arise and be fulfilled in response to user interests and demands. 

There are two ways to see the available groups to join on AFP2P:

  • From the AFP2P home page, select "Groups" from the community navigation. Select the group that interests you, and then click the "Join this Group!" link.
  • Click the "Join a Group" link you'll see to the right of the rotating banner on the AFP2P home page.

You will also see groups listed on the right side of the AFP2P home page under the header "Popular Today" - these are the most recently active groups on the site. Check them out!

Participating in Discussions

What good are groups if you can't share your fundraising knowledge and expertise (and perhaps cooking recipes - sky's the limit!) with each other? Most of the groups have an open community discussion forum to go along with it, where any member can come and participate. There may be one main discussion thread under a discussion forum, or a half dozen - it's all driven by the interests of the group. And you can start a new discussion as needed or as interest dictates!

To see the current open discussions on AFP2P:

  • From the AFP2P home page, select "Discussions" from the community navigation.
  • Click the group discussion forum you are interested in to open up the discussions.
  • Select the discussion that interests you!

"Closed" Discussion Forums

Some groups on AFP2P have "closed" discussion forums - that is, participation in that particular discussion forum is restricted to only those members who have joined the group. This is particularly the case with committee or chapter-related groups - for example, the "AFP Like-Sized Chapters" groups. These discussion forums will not appear in the open list that appears when you click "Discussions" from the the main community navigation. Rather, to see and access these "closed" discussion forums, you first need to enter the specific group, and then click the "Discussions" link that appears in the group's smaller dark blue subnavigation bar (see below).


Viewing and Uploading Documents

In addition to discussions, we encourage members to upload and share documents. We view AFP as the profession's largest fundraising knowledge bank, so what better way to lift up all in the community than to share this great material? Even better, each group has its own document library to ensure the proper presentation of these materials.

To view and find documents:

  • From the AFP2P home page, select "Groups" from the community navigation.
  • When viewing the group, you will notice a blue subnavigation bar under the group name. If this group has any uploaded documents, a "Documents" link will appear in this bar.
  • Click "Documents" and you will next see a complete of all documents uploaded to date. There may be even subfolders of certain documents in your group.
  • To open or save a document of interest to you, simply click it!
  • You can also leave comments under a document that you think could help the community.

To upload documents:

  • To upload your own documents, simply click the "Groups" link from the AFP2P home page community navigation, then select the appropriate group. Once in the group, click the "Upload Documents" link you will see to the right of the group name. A popup window will allow you to search your local files. Once you have selected your document, please enter some information about it in the fields on this page, click "Upload Document" and you're done.
  • You can also upload documents through your P2P Profile page. First, go to the AFP2P home page and select "My P2P Profile" from the community navigation. Next, click the "Documents" link you see in the left rail menu. You will then see a list of documents you have uploaded to date. To upload a new document, click the "Upload More?" button, then "Choose File" - a popup window will allow you to search your local files. Once you have selected your document, please enter some information about it in the fields on this page, click "Upload Document" and you're done.

...and More!

AFP2P offers members lots of great interactive features, so please visit the site and spend some time checking them out!

Over the coming months, AFP will continue to introduce new communities, groups and discussion to AFP2P, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we would love to hear your feedback. Have a question? An idea to improve the site or for a new group? Please email and let us know!

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