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AFP Member Testimonials

The following member testimonials speak louder than we ever could to the benefits and advantages of AFP membership!

Lynn Trojahn
Vice President of Advancement
ACCION New Mexico-Arizona-Colorado
Based in Albuquerque, N.M. - AFP member since 1993

Why is AFP membership valuable to you?
My AFP membership is priceless! I enjoy all the written materials and use that information to educate other nonprofits and our own staff at ACCION about philanthropy. Being involved on the ground-floor of AFP in New Mexico gives me a broader and more profound relationship with my home state, which I love so much. AFP, in promoting philanthropy, has helped put our state on the map as one of the most philanthropic states per capita. AFP has better enabled us as fundraisers to make a more profound difference for the causes we care about so deeply!

How has AFP helped you as a fundraiser?
AFP has helped me enormously through educational workshops—by giving my organization a venue to recognize our most outstanding contributors with the AFP Philanthropy Day lunch, through mentoring and being mentored and by providing a wonderful group of people to interact with on a daily basis. My fellow AFP fundraisers are my best friends. They know what I'm going through. We share ideas and best practices and learn from each other's mistakes and pratfalls! This is my go-to group for all that I need for fundraising and for keeping myself balanced!

What advice do you have for members who are looking to get more out of their AFP experience?
Participate! I found that the more I am involved—by leading workshops, attending, mentoring, volunteering and contributing to AFP—the more I get out of my membership. As with any group, once you start to be actively involved you become invested in the mission and ways you can support capacity building for many other nonprofits. I know and understand our nonprofit community more intimately because of my participation with AFP.


Catherine Dublis
Development Director, Degage Ministries
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Why is AFP membership valuable to you?
I cannot imagine working in development as staff or board member and not being an active member of AFP! My membership not only keeps my skills sharp, it benefits the organization as well!

How has AFP helped you as a fundraiser?
Being a one person development office, I rely on AFP Resource Center for current and accurate changes in laws regarding tax issues, white papers for programs to consider, research programs as well as professional advancement opportunities.

What advice do you have for members who are looking to get more out of their AFP experience?
Explore the options that are available to members, both national and local. Take advantage of the partnership opportunities, networking options, professional advancement, publications and employee assistance. These are all benefits of membership!

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