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AFP Award Nominations Due July 15

(July 7, 2009) Nomination forms for AFP’s 2009-2010 awards programs are available here on the AFP website and due to the AFP International Headquarters on July 15.

Nominators should be aware of some significant changes that were made to certain awards categories. These changes include:

1. The criteria for the Awards for Philanthropy have been clarified and reorganized. The new criteria are much more specific and require the nominator to display the information requested in a certain order. The content of the criteria and what is required has NOT changed, but the organization has. This change was made to help ensure consistency among nominations and streamline the judging process. Nominations that don’t address the criteria and what is specifically asked will NOT be considered.

2. In addition, letters of support and endorsement ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED for a nomination for any of the Awards for Philanthropy. The reasons for this are two-fold. First, the number of nominations have increased significantly over the past several years that it’s simply not feasible or reasonable to have the judges look through these materials. In addition, by focusing solely on the criteria, judges will be able to make more objective decisions. Letters of endorsement and other supporting documents will be removed from nominations before they are forwarded to judges. The only exception for supporting documents is the Campbell & Company Awards for Excellence in Fundraising.

3. The deadline for nominations for most awards is July 15, 2009. However, nominations for the Campbell & Company Awards for Excellence in Fundraising can be submitted until Sept. 15, 2009.

4. Two chapter awards programs have been eliminated. AFP is no longer accepting nominations for the Abel Hanson Award (for chapter communications) and the Founders’ Award for Public Service (for public service and similar chapter projects). There never seemed to be a lot of interest in these awards. The AFP Awards Committee is currently undergoing a review of all of its award categories and may bring forward new chapter awards in the future.

5. To qualify for the Chapter Ten Star Award, a chapter must submit at least one nomination to any of AFP’s international awards categories. In the past, AFP has received incomplete nominations, copies of nominations from years past or nominations forms from chapter awards programs. As a reminder, these types of nominations will NOT be considered and will NOT count as a nomination for the chapter to qualify for the Chapter Ten Star Award. Previous nominees can be reconsidered, but a new, updated nomination must be submitted.

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