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AFP Top Ten (Week of August 16, 2017): Texting, Fundraising Nuggets, Writing Captivating Headlines & More!

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Need some tips on how to do your job better? Or maybe just a reminder on some key skills, the insight on the latest research, and the latest, coolest ideas from the best minds in the fundraising profession?

Each week, AFP gathers the top blog posts, videos, articles and other resources to help you keep on top of latest trends and reach your fundraising goals. Here’s this week’s Top Ten:

1. Texting Might Be the Only Way to Inform Constituents (The NonProfit Times): Nonprofits should be taking advantage of the many benefits of using text to reach donors, but there are laws against sending unsolicited text messages. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you need “express written consent” from a recipient before you can send them information.

2. Don’t Let Your “Volunteer Knowledge” Walk Away (Charity Village): Knowledge loss is inevitable when a volunteer leaves your organization – and when somebody has been in a volunteer role for a long time, they can take a lot of knowledge with them. There are several steps you can take to help ease your anxiety about losing your volunteers who hold these leadership roles.

3. Risk and Reward: Positioning Your Nonprofit for Sustained Impact (Nonprofit Quarterly): To most effectively deal with risks, nonprofits must fully understand how all of their operations are connected and how to use intentional risk-taking to create opportunities.

4. Innovation Capacity Diagnostic for Nonprofits (The Rockefeller Foundation): A 20-minute survey for people working at nonprofits who aspire to enhance their organization’s capacity around innovation. You can complete the survey as an individual, or create a team page and invite colleagues to receive and share aggregated results.

5. How to Persuade New Donors to Join Your Nonprofit Mission (Clairification): It’s significantly easier and more cost-effective to keep a current donor than to recruit a new one. Why? It’s appreciably more difficult to get people to reach a new decision than to repeat an old one.

6. Ten Evening Habits of Highly Successful People (Lifehack): Successful people not only have healthy morning habits, but they also know how to finish off their day right. They all have particular habits, so here are the top 10 that can help plan a more productive tomorrow.

7. Pure Gold – The 34 Fundamental Foundations of Fundraising (SOFII): Ken Burnett gives us 34 nuggets to remember in all fundraising.

8. How to Write Captivating Headlines for Your Nonprofit (Sumac): From both a writing and marketing point of view, crafting great headlines for your nonprofit is an important skill. So how do you do it, if you just don’t have a way with words? Believe it or not there are ways to create a captivating headline without being a professional copywriter.

9. Creating Super Fundraisers Through Super Coaching Part 1: The Human Factor (Donor Drive): In this three-part series, Donor Drive examines the success of Ride Closer to Free, Connecticut’s largest peer-to-peer fundraising bike ride. Interesting ideas for any type of fundraising campaign.

10. When It Comes to Donor Stewardship, Are Your Charity Newsletters Letting You Down? (Hilborn): Newsletters can be a great way of connecting with donors. Unfortunately, many newsletters are unlikely to do this successfully. So how do we ensure that our charity newsletters are helping us to move towards the achievement of our fundraising goals? 

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