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AFP Top Ten (Week of July 26, 2017): Unique Thank-You Ideas, Facebook Interviews, Donor Fatigue & More

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Need some tips on how to do your job better? Or maybe just a reminder on some key skills, the insight on the latest research, and the latest, coolest ideas from the best minds in the fundraising profession?

Each week, AFP gathers the top blog posts, videos, articles and other resources to help you keep on top of latest trends and reach your fundraising goals. Here’s this week’s Top Ten:

1. Improving Fundraising Outcomes Requires Emotion Not Just Logic (npENGAGE): Pamela Barden argues that research and studies help us be better at what we do, but the most scientifically constructed “ask” or strategy can’t make up for a donor’s lack of money or a lack of confidence in your organization.

2. Twenty Unique Donor Thank You Ideas (causevox): Some you’ll know. Some are a bit off the wall. But some good ideas that will likely lead to some inspiration!

3. How to Do a Facebook Live Split-Screen Interview (Social Media Examiner): A great way to humanize your cause with a video interview—and it’s not difficult to set up. Well worth adding to your marketing and fundraising toolkit.

4. Eight Ways to Ask Fundraisers to Devote Their Weddings to Your Cause (Classy): Every year, millions of couples get married across North America. Yet, as an increasing number of millennials are getting married later in life, there isn’t as much of a need for “stocking their house” with registry items, since they’re already more established than younger couples. As such, many appreciate cash gifts so they can dedicate the funds as they see fit—to their honeymoon, or specific investments, like your cause!

5. It's Not About Scaring, But Caring (The Fundraising Coach): As you review the next twelve months of fundraising appeals, major gift asks, and event agendas, ask yourself, "Are we letting donors care?” Are you spending time on the gray clouds of "normal"? Or are you jumping to the spectacular "explosion" or straight to the sunny "new normal"?

6. Can Direct-Response and Major Gifts Work Together? (The Veritus Group): The combination of direct-response and major gift officer cultivation lifts all caseload revenue. When you take either out of the equation, you see a drop in revenue. Over time, because the major gift officer is continuing to build relationships with his or her donors, the communication strategy starts to skew more toward personal solicitation vs. mail or email.

7. The Evolution of Philanthropy & the Fall of the Fundraising Pyramid (McCabe Callahan): The fundraising pyramid has long been the gold standard in the nonprofit industry to “group” donors. But it’s an odd way to represent a community of philanthropists — it’s a misrepresentation of what’s actually taking place through the process. The evolution of philanthropy forces us to re-imagine this structure.

8. Stupid Batman Is a Registered Trademark -- Not Fundraising (Future Fundraising Now): Award bait. It's one of the most common causes of stupid nonprofit ads. Jeff  Brooks explains.

9. Shadow Boxing With ‘Donor Fatigue’ (101fundraising): Usha Menon does not believe that donor fatigue is a real thing. It is a diplomatic way the media devised for saying that donors are fed up with incessant appeals by charities! Many fundraisers have jumped on that bandwagon and used it as a way of justifying poor performance in taking care of the supporters of their cause.

10. Out of the Boardroom: How Nonprofit Board Members Can Be Effective Advocates in Troubled Times (The Nonprofit Quarterly): A nice piece from a board member about what board members can be doing in difficult times and a reminder about why were recruited—not to boast during dinner party conversation, but to use the unique lenses of our individual and professional backgrounds to positively influence the missions they serve.

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