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AFP Top Ten (Week of May 31, 2017): Streaming Live Events, More Emails, Resiliency and Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

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1. Cooking the Books: How Nonprofits Make Inflated Claims About Their Fundraising Success (Inside Philanthropy): There’s a dirty little secret in high-stakes capital campaign fundraising that donors and the public know little or nothing about: Creative accounting makes it appear that many charities raise far more money than they actually do.

2. Should Your Nonprofit Live Stream Events and Galas to Reach More People? (Wired Impact): Like any marketing or fundraising tactic, you need to know your audience in order to determine if live streaming is right for your nonprofit. Because each event is different, it’s more than OK to decide to stream some events and not others.

3. Study: Generation Gap Persists in Giving By Women (The NonProfit Times): Millennial women are more likely than their Baby-Boomer counterparts to give spontaneously and encourage others to support the organizations that they support, according to a new Fidelity Charitable study.

4. Harnessing Your Non-Profit’s Secret Fundraising Weapon (The Fundraising Authority): The secret fundraising weapon that is possessed by the best fundraisers is as simple as it is powerful: focus. Your organization should be focusing on what matters, and on what can really move the ball forward for your non-profit.

5. No One Wants More Email (The Agitator): In the mistaken belief that email is basically ‘costless’, most organizations are costing themselves boatloads of revenue both short and long term by sending out more and more emails. What to do?

6. Three Things to Consider When Fundraising Is No Longer ‘Fun’ (NonProfit PRO): What if you are finding that being a fundraiser is no longer the exciting experience that it used to be, but instead is a daily slog to meet goals and keep your head above water? What can you do to regain the joy of the job?

7. Nine Fundraising Fundamentals (LinkedIn-Martin Leifeld): In this 13-minute video, Martin Leifeld talks about nine critical fundraising fundamentals and how to integrate them into your own work.

8. Creating a Culture of Philanthropy (Brook Recognition): A nice piece on the basics of creating a culture of philanthropy at your organization.

9. Fundraising Leadership: Resilience Required? (LinkedIn-Sophie Penny): In fundraising, one must face the fear of change, what some call resiliency. Some good resources on how to do that.

10. Five Rookie Mistakes Fundraisers Sometimes Make (Future Fundraising Now): If you're new to the profession -- an actual rookie -- and you make any of these mistakes, don't beat yourself up. We all did. If you're a veteran and still doing these things, it might be time for re-education. Or a different profession.

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