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AFP Top Ten (Week of May 24, 2017): Why Companies Are Donating Their Profits, Planned Giving ROI & More!

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1. Why Some Companies Are Donating Their Profits (Fast Company Online): More companies are following in the footsteps of Newman's Own by joining the trend of pledging to donate their profits to charitable causes.

2. Creating the Board of Your Dreams (Skystone Ryan): A board is only as good as you, the chief development officer or executive director, make it. Board members can be a phenomenal resource-indispensable, really-or a lost opportunity. Or even a liability. Liz Knuppel offers some fundamental advice to ensure you get the most out of yours.

3. How to Turn Your Fundraising Event Attendees into Supportive Donors (LinkedIn-Robin Cabral): There are lots of galas in Spring. So how do transform all those attendees into long-term donors. Here are a few ideas.

4. Using Your Brand Strategy Every Day in Everything (Big Duck): There’s a lot of branding jargon around, but two terms are actually very important that you can use every day: positioning and personality.

5. How to Measure Your Planned Giving ROI (The Stelter Company): Many nonprofits must wait a long time—years, maybe decades—to receive a planned gift and thus, measure its ROI. A yearly, accurate ROI for planned giving can be difficult to measure. This is where the importance of communicating ‘leading’ (marketing touches, donor visits, gift intentions) and ‘lagging’ (matured planned gifts) indicators comes into play.

6. Who Are You Talking To? Persona-Based Marketing for Nonprofits (Kindful): Right now, many charities may be breaking your constituent base into Stage-Based Groups: groups defined by the stage a constituent may be on based on a timeline. What if you break down your supporters by personas, or personalities, based on what you know of them?

7. Transforming Your Online Giving Experience (SOFII): Getting a donor’s online experience right is crucial for modern day charities. Find out how Alzheimer’s Society UK did just that and reaped massive rewards.

8. Spotlight on Sustainers – Part One (The Agitator): If you really need any more evidence to prove you need to start a monthly giving program, here it is.

9. Planned Giving: Why Great Stewardship is Job One (Hilborn): "Leave A Legacy" month should remind us why we do what we do, and also what key activities must be done especially well to succeed. When it comes to key activities, great stewardship is Job One. Why is this so?

10. Five Strategies to Improve Nonprofit Use of Donor Data (Clairification): In 2017, when other nonprofits are focusing in on improving their supporter experience, it’s imperative you invest in systems and staffing that enable you to do the same.

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