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AFP Top Ten (Week of April 17, 2017): Mid-Level Donors, Using a Gift-Range Chart, How Not to Leave Your Donors

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1. How To Stop Your Nonprofit’s After Hours Email Habit (Beth’s Blog): Does this sound familiar? Relaxing on a Friday night with friends, and suddenly an email alert on your phone sends you into work mode. It’s a leading cause of burnout, and here’s what you can do.

2. St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation: Living in a Multi-Generational World (SOFII): St Michael’s Hospital and Foundation show that, with an injection of creativity and a bit more thought, organisations can create magazines that are compelling and informative for their donors.

3. Thirty Ways To Not Leave Your Donor (The NonProfit Times): Kathy Swayze, president and creative director of Impact Communications, and Vila-Sheree Watson, director of marketing at The Arc, present 30 tips to optimizing organizational communications:

4. The #1 Killer of Fabulous Fundraising (Blue Sky Fundraising): What’s the single biggest crusher of campaigns, trampler of targets, and burden on budgets? What most flummoxes fundraisers, disheartens your donors, and bedevils your boards? Fear.

5. How to Increase Your Fundraising and Annual Operating Revenue (Movie Mondays): Can you increase your fundraising without bringing on new donors? Ian Adair talks about re-engaging your current donors.

6. Do You Have a Mid-Level Donor Gap in Your Communications? (re: charity): Interesting commentary on NextAfter’s recent research on mid-level donors. Can you believe that in their sample, 69% of organizations did not send a personal communication to a $1,000 to $5,000 donor?

7. How a Gift Range Chart Can Help You Raise More Money Even in Your Small Nonprofit (LinkedIn-Robin Cabral): One might think that gift range charts are just for large projects such as capital campaigns or for significant fundraising efforts. But gift range charts can be used effectively in even the smallest of fundraising shops.

8. Fundraising Leaders in the Middle (LinkedIn-Sophie Penney): Leaders can be found at all levels within an organization. In fact, the authors suggest that mid-level leaders are the glue that holds many organizations together. In particular, mid-level leaders can provide stability within an institution during transitions.

9. Opening the Door to a Major Gift Prospect: The Advice Visit (Fired Up Fundraising): Remember that fundraising is not all about you. If the donor knows she gets to do the talking, then she’ll visit with you.

10. Is Your Organization Behaving Like United Airlines? (The Agitator): The way we care for our donors is not an either-or situation. Surely, we can give high potential donors special treatment.  And just as surely, we can treat the clear majority of donors with the respect, adulation, and information they deserve.

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