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AFP Top Ten (Week of April 10, 2017): Great Prospecting, Getting Donors to Yes & More!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. Prospecting for Major Gifts? Top 6 Indicators of a Great Prospect (Fired Up Fundraising): What happens if you do pursue a funder who turns out to be not so very interested? Or turns not to have the capacity to give? You've waste

2. Three Things You (Probably) Know About Online Giving and 1 Thing You (Probably) Don’t (re: Charity): Spoiler Alert: Donors aged 75 and up make more online gifts in a year than any other generation. Really!

3. Five Important Things - A Writing Prompt to Refresh Your Thinking About Your Organization (Pitch Consulting): Very interesting piece on how to take a step back from your daily work and focus on the important things about your organization and what it does. A worthwhile exercise for any fundraiser.

4. Eight Simple Steps to Better Email Open Rates (Classy): When every organization is trying to woo supporters with email, it becomes that much harder to make yours effective. And the first hurdle (after building your email list) is getting people to open your emails. Here are eight ways nonprofits can optimize their emails to maximize open rate.

5. Blackbaud Online Giving Index (Blackbaud): The Index reported that overall charitable giving to nonprofits decreased 1.4 percent, while online giving increased 7.1 percent for the three months ending February 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

6. Donors and Fundraisers: Partners or Strangers? (Burk’s Blog): Penelope Burk shares some donor testimonials from her latest survey. They signal an opportunity for fundraisers to shape a giving environment that reflects a genuine partnership between not-for-profits and their donors. They also signal a warning that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

7. Unleashing the Power of Endowments: The Next Great Challenge for Philanthropy (Stanford Social Innovation Review): Ford Foundation commits $1 billion to Mission-Related Investments. Foundation President Darren Walker talks about this decision, the importance of MRIs, and what they mean for the future of philanthropy.

8. How to Run a Successful Mother's Day Fundraising Campaign (LinkedIn-Robin Cabral): At the start of Spring, our thoughts turn to flowers, sun, and our Mom's! And, for many nonprofit organizations, this is a great direct mail theme and just in time for a Spring appeal. So, how can you maximize this appeal to give your donors the best experience? Robin Cabral provides some ideas.

9. Seven Keys to Getting donors to “Yes” (Fundraising Leadership): Some good ideas and reminders for all of us, including the all-important, “don’t take it personally.”

10.  Why the Smart Fundraisers Are So Focused on Boomers (Future Fundraising Now): Boomers may, in general, be leaving the workforce, but charitably speaking, they aren't going anywhere for a long time. In fact, they're already the majority of charitable donors.

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