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AFP Top Ten (Week of April 3, 2017): Use of Images and Words in Fundraising, Charitable Wedding Registries & More

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1. New Nonprofit Puts Money Over Mission and Ethics (The Chronicle of Philanthropy): Some charities should temporarily stop pursuing their missions while they raise enough money to do more, says one of the group’s most outspoken board members.

2. Fear, Flight and Fight – Turning Pain Into Gain (SOFII): Veteran fundraising leader Lyndall Stein explores the reasons why images and words together have such lasting impact. Insightful, powerful piece.

3. How to Build a Major Donor Program from the Ground Up (Clairification): If you’ve got donors, then you have the raw material for a major donor program – and it’s easier than you think. Just begin with your own database.

4. Whose Job Is It Anyway? – Part Two, Reception (Hilborn Charity eNews): In part two of her series, Mena Gainpaulsingh discusses one of the most important people in the charity-donor relationship: the first individual donors meet when they enter your offices.

5. Eleven Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact (npENGAGE): Some good ideas and food for thought from leading nonprofit technology leaders and experts.

6. For Those Who Have It All, Charitable Wedding Registries (The New York Times): A growing number of couples are asking for charitable donations in lieu of traditional wedding gifts, and are using charity-oriented registries such as Good Beginning, Blueprint Registry and SimpleRegistry.

7. Why Fundraising Writers Should Sweat the Small Stuff (Future Fundraising Now): All written communication is in a context. So sweat the small stuff. When the verb that comes to your mind is an abstraction like partner, be a writer: Push beyond for a better word—more concrete, more emotional, more thrilling.

8. Improving Your Donor Retention and Response Rates (Movie Mondays): This video features Tom Ahern talking about different ways to improve your donor retention rates as well as your direct mail and communications response rates. Tom also shares the 13 strongest words with you.

9. The Easy Guide to Understanding Charity Auction Software (Nonprofit Hub): Charity auctions are classic, incentive-driven fundraisers that can be highly profitable when hosted by the right organizations. This article covers the basics of charity auction software.

10. The Skeleton of a Direct Mail Appeal (Tom Ahern): As always, Tom provides a great perspective—breaking down in straightforward manner what you’re really trying to do with your direct mail appeal.

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