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AFP Top Ten (Week of March 8, 2017): Keeping Donor Eyes Glued, Avoiding Nonprofit Job Hopping, Mom Proms & More

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1. Five Ways to Keep a Donor’s Eyes Glued to What You Write (Guidestar Blog): Tom Ahern shares five easy-to-adopt techniques that are all but guaranteed to arouse interest and generosity in your donors.

2. How Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Boosts Corporate Philanthropy (Causecast): Corporations need to consider how peer-to-peer fundraising can be used to boost their brands, fuel corporate social responsibility (CSR), and ultimately, lead to positive social impact.

3. The Top 13 Nonprofit Websites (Double the Donation): Okay, maybe they’re not the top, maybe they are. But each provides a good lesson and should give you something to think about for your own website.

4. Nonprofit Writing Prompts for March (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog): Having trouble linking your events and themes to March? Some good things to know about March and what’s happening during the month. A really great idea!

5. Avoid Nonprofit Job Hopping – Two Strategies You Need to Know (Amy Eisenstein): Frequent job turnover in the fundraising profession hurts your organization, your donors and all of philanthropy. Amy has a couple of ideas to try to help you stay put.

6. What is the Special Ingredient that Leads to #Fundraising Success? (Michael Rosen Says…): Two words: Building. Relationships.

7. Mom Prom Charity-Minded Retro-Parties Spread Across Country (Seattle Times): For a decade now, women have donned their old prom and bridesmaid dresses — even wedding dresses — for an evening of charitable revelry in suburban Detroit. And the idea is catching on.

8. Lowering the ‘Giving Barrier’ for Millennials (npENGAGE): According to the Millennial Impact Report, 72 percent of Millennials are eager to join a nonprofit and a little over 50 percent would like to give monthly to a charitable organization. But something is holding up the action.

9. Love Song to My Major Gift Prospect List! (Fired Up Fundraising): She sings too! Gail gives us an ode to a major gift prospect list and what you need to do to keep it updated.

10. Getting Board Members to Raise Money Joyfully (Movie Mondays): Are your board members resistant to helping you fundraise? Here’s the story of a similar nonprofit that was able to double the donations coming from donors who had contact with its board members.

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