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AFP Top Ten (Week of March 1, 2017): Learning from Year-End Appeals, Nonprofit Videos, Donor Confidence & More

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1. Repealing the Johnson Amendment Could Lead to Reduced Donations to Churches and Charities (The News & Observer): Removing the Johnson Amendment to engage in partisan politics puts at risk a basic justification for churches and other charities to receive tax-deductible donations. Rather than strengthening their voices in the policy process, this may actually reduce charities’ abilities to achieve their missions.

2. What We Learned from Our Year-End Fundraising Appeals (Achieve): Last year, Achieve sent out more than 250,000 direct mail and email solicitations on behalf of clients. And yeah, they learned a few things in the process. Here are five things that can help your organization at year-end 2017.

3. Eleven Nonprofit Videos That Inform and Inspire (Classy): To illustrate the different ways you can use video to advance your mission, Classy has featured 11 of their all-time favorites.

4. Nonprofit Workers in N.Y. Getting Bigger Raises (The NonProfit Times): Growth in New York State’s nonprofit sector didn’t keep pace with the nation overall since the Great Recession but average wages grew faster than in other sectors during the recovery.

5. How to Inspire Audiences to Give More (Movie Mondays): In this video, Tom Mesaros gives you his recipe for inspiring audiences to give more at your fundraising breakfast or other event. He shares what words he used to significantly increase the donations given to a particular organization.

6. Why Deleting People from Your Email List is a Good Thing (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog): Kivi explains why it makes sense to identify those who are no longer engaged with your donor list, give them a few clear and final chances with a re-engagement campaign, and then delete them.

7. Regaining a Donor’s Confidence (Hilborn): Fundraising is a team sport; successful fundraisers know we can’t go it alone. A case study that shows us the importance of working effectively with internal constituencies and a process for doing so which turned a weakened donor relationship into a renewed relationship.

8. Four Anti-Procrastination Tactics to Get Back to Raising Major Gifts (Amy Eisenstein): f you really want to raise major gifts, you need to check your procrastination at the door. Here are four anti-procrastination techniques to refocus your time and talents on raising major gifts.

9. Five Ways to Draw Mega, Major Donors Close to Your Cause in 2017 (Fired Up Fundraising): There’s new thinking out there about cultivating prospective major donors. And it centers on this: How do you develop a cordial relationship with your donors and still keep them moving towards a gift? How do you balance the personal relationship vs. your true business purpose?

10. Five Online Communication Styles for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech for Good): Branding isn’t only visual. It’s also intellectual. Your tone of voice and your brand will then guide you as you actively employ the five communication styles most commonly used in the nonprofit sector.

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