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AFP Top Ten (Week of February 22, 2017): Demystifying Data, Rage Donations, Donor-Centered Charities & More!

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1. Five Tips for Optimizing Online Fundraising (Associations Now):  Online fundraising campaigns are great ways for associations to finance new programs and initiatives. Here are a few tips from fundraising pros on how to get the most out of an online campaign.

2. Tailoring Your Major Donor Approach (Movie Mondays): Do you know the next steps to take with your major donors? This video is a little longer than usual (about 20 minutes) but worth it for helping  your donors figure out their major philanthropic goals.

3. Eight Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2017 (Nonprofit Tech for Good):  Digital payments are going to make a big impact on social and mobile media in 2017, but there are some new fundraising services and niche tools and apps that speak to current fundraising trends in the nonprofit sector

4. Ten Topics You Need to Master to Be Successful in 2017 (Fired Up Fundraising): Video storytelling and major donor prospecting top the list. Don’t forget about planning and integrating multi-channel campaigns either!

5. ​Demystifying Data for the Charitable Sector (Imagine Canada): There’s a new gal in town and she seems to be invited to all the coolest parties. We’re talking about data.  She’s actually kinda cool, once you get past the jargon and inaccessible language. Let us introduce you. Joking aside, this is a nice piece on breaking down all the issues related to data and how to use it.

6. The Rise of the ‘Rage Donation’ ( Welcome to the age of the rage-donation, the act of feverishly throwing money at a cause you believe in because you just don't know “what the hell else to do.”

7. Unrealistic Expectations (The Veritus Group): Unrealistic expectations abound in the fundraising profession and especially in major gifts. Some examples and some ideas at the end as to what are realistic expectations.

8. Five Creative (and Free!) Ways to Attract More Volunteers (Nonprofit Hub): It can sometimes be a challenge to attract enough volunteers to your organization or event. Maybe shaking up your recruiting methods will help. When traditional recruiting tactics start to return lackluster results, consider implementing these five creative and free approaches to attracting volunteers.

9. Can Your Organization Pass the Donor-Centered Test? (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog): The term donor-centered means focusing on your donors’ needs and interests, acknowledging them in your letters and other communication, and taking into account that not all donors are the same. Can your organization pass the donor-centered test? Take a few minutes to find out.

10. These 5 Mindsets Make Nonprofits Successful (FastCoExist): Simple lessons from a survey of the most successful aid organizations in India can be applied to nonprofits around

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