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AFP Top Ten (Week of January 23, 2017): Donor Relationships, Bad Fundraising Event Dates, Successful Leadership & More!

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1. Digital Donors Changing Charitable Communications (The NonProfit Times): Digital donors are pushing charities to communicate with them the way they prefer, according to the Public Interest Registry’s (PIR) 2016 Global NGO Online Technology report, which encompassed 2,780 organizations in 133 countries and 355 donors in 27 countries.

2. Six Traits of Healthy Donor Relationships (Veritus Group): Setting boundaries is not a difficult thing in terms of what needs to be done. It is difficult emotionally, which is why so many of us do not do it right.

3. Ministry of Stories: Hoxton Street Monster Supply Store (SOFII): Left unchallenged, the myth of the 15% means Canadian charities will lead the charge on absolutely nothing—not climate change, a cure for cancer or world hunger. And here are the ten reasons why.

4. Now is the Time to Grow Up and Show Up! (Michael Rosen Says…): To do the right thing for our organizations and the nonprofit sector, we need to grow up and show up to engage people with whom we might not always agree. We need to find common ground to get the job done. It won’t always be easy, but it’s the right thing to do.

5. The Worst Date to Hold a Fundraising Event in 2017 (AmFund):  Out of 365 days a year, only about 76 nights are ideal for fundraising.  With as many as 21,000 nonprofits in the country, all vying for those ideal dates, there’s a lot of competition for donors’ attention.  Interesting read—your mileage may vary.

6. Redefining Successful Leadership: 5 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Leader to Your Team (LinkedIn: Raphael Magana): n today's millennium career climate and the fast track of job creativity among entrepreneurs, it's extremely important as leaders that you engage with your team in the most productive manner. Five thoughts on engaging with your colleages.

7. 25+ Experts Share Their #1 Reason Nonprofits Fail at Fundraising (Haines Direct): 28 nonprofit fundraising experts were asked two crucial questions: What’s the biggest mistake nonprofits make in fundraising? How can they avoid it? Here are their answers:

8. The Looming Importance of Measuring & Reporting Fundraising Outcomes (Bloomerang): A thoughtful column from Jay Love on the slowly shifting priority to measure fundraising outcomes and some ideas on how to do it appropriately.

9. Climate Change And The Small Gift Donor (The Agitator): Roger Craver talks about the slow disappearance of the small donor and what charities need to do about it.

10. Donor Loyalty Takes Time and Effort, But It’s Essential (101fundraising): There is always room for getting new donors, but what about the ones who have been donating all along or have donated in the past? You can’t just let them slip by, can you?

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