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AFP Top Ten (Week of November 9, 2016): Deciding Where To Give Money, Taking More Risks, Three Easy Wins, More!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. How the President of a Billion-Dollar Charity Decides Where to Give Money (Money): Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, shares the money lessons she's learned.

2. Why Nonprofit Organizations Should Take Risks More Often—Even If It Means Failure (Forbes): Though purposeful failure is never advised, nonprofits need less complete failure and more risk that could introduce occasional failure.

3. Wall Street 9, Charity 0 (Alan Cantor Consulting): Alan Cantor talks about, in his view, what’s wrong with Fidelity becoming the biggest charity in the U.S.

4. Three Easy Retention Wins: Roger Craver Talks Retention Fundraising (Amy Eisenstein): Roger Craver: “What most nonprofits don’t realize is that it is their behavior, the actions they take toward a donor, that influences that attitude. So it isn’t a matter of whether the economy is good or bad, whether there’s too much competition… that’s all external nonsense.” Amen!

5. Creating Extraordinary Experiences for Your Donors (SOFII): You have to scroll down but it’s well worth it to read a capsule of Simone Joyaux’s workshop on donor loyalty and donor-centered communities.

6. Four Reasons Visitors to Your Website Don't Donate (Tech Soup): Nonprofits need to start capitalizing on presence of the visitors they already have at their websites. By converting those visitors into donors, your nonprofit is bound to increase your donor base and income.

7. Year-End Giving: Google Search Trends Show Big Opportunity for Nonprofits (iDonate): Two search queries that hit peak popularity in November and December of 2015 were #GivingTuesday and gifts of stock. Use that to help yourself THIS year.

8. Major Gift Success Only Happens With These Two Systems (Fired Up Fundraising): These two tools help you organize and set your priorities. Without these, you are lost – seriously lost: a major gift prospect list and a monthly strategy meeting.

9. How to Retain Major Gift Donors – Three Simple Tips (Empower Nonprofits): Major gift donors are hard to find and cultivate. You’ve invested too much time and energy to earn that first major gift donation to let them walk away. Here are three tips that will help you retain major gift donors.

10. How Should Fundraisers Approach The Less Generous? (LinkedIn-Martin Leifield): A good video on why some people are less generous and how you as a fundraiser should view such people. Great point: While disappointments inevitably come our way, the gratification that accompanies our work far outweighs them.

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