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AFP Top Ten (Week of October 26, 2016): Million Dollar Events, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Targeting Lost Donors, More!

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1. Donor Retention—A Call to Action and to Organization-Wide Quality Performance (The Nonprofit Quarterly): Simone Joyaux has heard enough TALK about donor retention. It’s time to DO something about it. And as you’d expect, she has some thoughts about how to get started.

2. The Making of a Million Dollar Event: Metro Detroit Fundraising Experts Share Strategies for High-Priced Galas (Crane’s Detroit Business): A dive into the Detroit special events scene.

3. Peer to Peer Fundraising Guide (Salsa Labs): A good and VERY comprehensive read from Salsa Labs about everything you always wanted to know about peer to peer fundraising (but had no idea what to ask).

4. Infographic: Habits of Highly-Motivated Fundraisers (Donor Drive): Some interesting ideas on what highly motivated and “better than average” fundraisers do , with some neat figures to back them up.

5. Don’t Forget to Promote Gifts of Stocks and Mutual Funds This Holiday Season (Hilborn): Paul Nazareth reminds Canadian donors not to forget about educating donor about the benefits of giving stock and mutual funds.

6. Two Days in Dublin: Fundraising Inspiration in Ireland’s Capital (SOFII): What is wrong with fundraising today, asks Mark Phillips, managing director of the UK agency Bluefrog at the recent Ask Direct’s Summer Fundraising School. A response worth reading.

7. How to Segment Your Donors (Movie Mondays): Do you communicate to everyone in your database the same way? You can't craft a compelling message or story if you don't know who you're talking to. Effective storytelling starts with matching your message to your audience.

8. Targeting Chronic, Lost Non-Responding Donors (The NonProfit Times): What to do with those CNRs (Chronic Non-Responders)—donors who have given once long ago, or never given, yet made it onto a prospect list for any number of reasons. You have to know when to hold ‘em—and when to fold ‘em!

9. How Can I Craft A Compelling Fundraising Story? (cause vox): Half-hour podcast with Lori L. Jacobwith, founder of Ignited Fundraising, about how your organization’s culture matters more than you think and how to craft a compelling fundraising story that drives response (even without an ask).

10. The Curse of Fundraising Innumeracy (The Agitator): Do you know your real fundraising retention numbers, or even what that means? Roger Craver sets the record straight.

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