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AFP Top Ten (Week of October 12, 2016): The Long Tail of Donor Engagement, Seven Deadly Excuses for Avoiding Philanthropy, More!

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1. Noncash Giving: The ‘Long Tail’ of Donor Engagement (iDonate): If you’re accepting only cash or credit card donations, you’re overlooking an entire group of donors who have noncash gifts to give.

2. Four Things That Are Not Fundraising (Future Fundraising Now): An interesting reminder about not getting sucked into certain ideas that you think are really great for your solicitation, but AREN’T helpful in your fundraising.

3. The Seven Deadly Excuses for Avoiding Philanthropy ( Get inside the donor’s mind and the seven most heard excuses for not wanting to give or get involved.

4. Fear and Faith in Fundraising (LinkedIn-Martin Leifeld): Fear and fundraising are oftentimes intertwined in the donor solicitation process, especially for major gifts. A good video on identifying and overcoming your fears.

5. Nonprofits’ Effectiveness, Transparency Impacting Donors (The NonProfit Times): A new study by Fidelity Charitable shows that changes within the nonprofit sector are influencing individuals donors’ perceptions and giving behaviors. For example, greater than two-in-five (41 percent) of donors report that increased knowledge and transparency has affected their approach to giving.

6. FUNdraising Good Times: I Didn’t Give Because You Didn’t Ask (Insight News): There are many things that keep people from asking for gifts for the nonprofits they believe in. When it comes to asking, don’t let the excuses of fear, ego, time and misinformation get in your way.

7. What Are the Three Most Boring Words in Fundraising Appeals? (Fired Up Fundraising): Fun word play from Gail Perry, with a lot of comments and interesting ideas. Well worth reading the whole thing.

8. Friends of the Earth Steadying The Ship: Looking After Your Supporters When a Media Storm Hits (SOFII): In the wake of media and press controversy surrounding fundraising, Friends of the Earth took the bold decision to contact their supporters directly to ask them how the organization could do more for donors and give them a positive experience.

9. The Five Most Important Words and Phrases for Your Donors to Hear (The Fundraising Authority): More world play, only this time the words you SHOULD include in your solicitations.

10. Continuous Donor Choice: Fundraising’s Best Opportunity in Ages (101fundraising): Continuous donor choice is an approach to putting donors in control of how they hear from the charities they choose to support.

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