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AFP Top Ten (Week of August 22, 2016): From Passion to Professionalism, Cardinal Rules and Deadly Sins, More!

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1. From Passion to Professionalism: How to Move Your Volunteer Program From One to the Other (Village Vibes): Being an administrator of volunteers requires a very diverse skill set. Here are some of the skills you need to learn and have, as well as ideas to enhance and professionalize your volunteer program.

2. The Seven Cardinal Rules of Fundraising Writing (Emerson and Church Publishing): Fundraising is a funny profession.  It requires you to learn a specific style of writing that's unlike any other you're likely to have learned. But if you go to the trouble to learn the conventions of fundraising writing, donors will reward you with more gifts.

3. Crafting the Perfect Ask – Diving Deeper Into “Donor-Centric” Conversations (Hilborn): The foundation of building a donor-centric mindset is being observant and understanding of other peoples’ perspectives. Here’s a good example of how Cameron Becker put that idea to use.

4. Seven Deadly Sins of Nonprofit Email Marketing (Empower Nonprofits): If you are guilty of any of these 7 deadly nonprofit email marketing sins then you are surely off the path of righteous (i.e., effective) email marketing.

5. Playing Telephone With Your Donors Gets Tougher (The NonProfit Times): Telemarketing can still be an effective to reach out to and inspire donors, but the landscape is getting tougher. Landlines are a dying entity, cell phones are the future and telemarketing’s role in it all is not yet defined.

6. The Super-Rich Have Found a New Way to Wield Political Power: Philanthropy (The Nation): As America's donor class becomes ever wealthier, major donors, conservative and liberal, are pairing their philanthropic giving with campaign contributions to advance their favorite causes.

7. Twelve Ways to Rid Your Event of Zero-Dollar Fundraisers (Donor Drive): Causes that hold fundraising events, but don’t require fundraising can find that 80% of those who register don’t raise a dime. Here are some thoughts on how to encourage participation.

8. Develop Your Case for Support (Charity Channel Press): Sometimes development professionals only think about the importance of having a case for support when they are preparing to launch a capital campaign. However, you need a case for support for all your fundraising activities.

9. How to Get 93% of Your Donors to Give Again (LinkedIn—Shawn Plater): A recent study by Penelope Burke ("Effective Communication" Study) stated that 93% of donors would continue to give to the same charity again, if charities were more effective at acknowledging their gifts and communicating results.

10. How I Saw the Light – Change Your Fundraising Communications Now! (Fired Up Fundraising): Gail Perry talks about the importance of images in the new world of communications.

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