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AFP Top Ten (Week of August 17, 2016): How Is Nonprofit Overhead Still a Thing, How Does It Feel NOT To Give, More!

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1. How Is Nonprofit Overhead Still a Thing? (Social Velocity): How far have we come on the issue of fundraising costs as a society? Not very, says Nell Edgington, based on a recent Forbes article offering “advice” to nonprofits.

2. How to Talk to Your Donors About Funding Outreach and Awareness (Philanthropy News Digest): Derrick Feldman discusses how to rally your donors about the need to invest in your marketing and fundraising efforts.

3. How Does it Feel Not to Give to Charity? (The Huffington Post): There’s a substantial amount of research that giving to charity makes people physically and mentally feel better. But what about deciding NOT to give—what does that do?

4. Donor Insights: Relationship Building, Make It Personal (Hilborn): The president of a private foundation in Canada talks about the best way to build long and trusting relationships with donors.

5. Seven Tips for Dealing With Difficult Donors (LinkedIn-Martin Leifeld): Most, but not all donors are pleasant. Some can be quite difficult. In this video, Martin Leifeld discusses seven ideas that can empower you to successfully work with your more challenging donors.

6. Ten Ways to Be Happier Right Now (Michael Rosen Says…): Michael Rosen offers ten things you can do be happier, which will, in turn, affect everything you in your life. Of course, Michael offers his unique perspectives on some of them, like exercise!

7. Three Essential Elements of an Effective Online Donation Page (Kindful): Are you ready to supercharge your online donations and take your online giving to the next level? Here are three essential elements of an effective donation page.

8. What’s Wrong With Sending Donors Mail? (Veritus Group): Because mail has become so impersonal in today’s society, it has actually created an opportunity for you to reach out to your donors and make a meaningful impact in a personal way. A good reminder.

9. Monthly: The New Preferred Giving Cycle (Donor Community): Smaller, steady contributions each month make online fundraising easier for donors, and generate predictable revenue for you. Here are some ideas on setting up your monthly giving program.

10. The Power of Millennial Events (Donor Drive): The biggest value of Millennials to an organization at this point is in participation, rather than in donations. They’re more likely fundraisers, rather than donors, for your cause. So who are these donors that Millennials are bringing to your organization?

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