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AFP Top Ten (Week of August 10, 2016): Where's Our Facebook Posts, When Silence is Golden, Is Donor-Centric a Unicorn, More!

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1. Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Posts Are Likely Not Appearing on News Feeds Anymore (Nonprofit Hub): The most recent update this past June seemed like the biggest blow to nonprofits, as it was announced they would prioritize News Feeds to show posts from friends and family and less from pages. This just further emphasizes the need to focus on peer-to-peer engagement and mobilizing your biggest supporters to share your nonprofit’s content.

2. Fundraising Trends Come and Go, But Major Gifts Remain (Business 2 Community): Jay Love recalls the “dot-com boom” when online fundraising was going to fundamentally change philanthropy.

3. Field of Philanthropy in China Still in Nascent Stage, Study Finds (Philanthropy News Digest): Fewer than 10 percent of the six hundred and thirty billionaires of Chinese origin have given at least CNY500 million ($80 million) to charity during their lifetime, a study by Hurun Report finds.

4. Nonprofit Uses of Technology to Engage Millennial Volunteers (The Nonprofit Quarterly): Reliable volunteers can make all the difference for nonprofit organizations. But when looking at volunteering by age, those least likely to volunteer fall into the millennial category, aged 20–34. Here are some good ideas about how to engage them.

5. When Silence Is Golden: Listen Your Way to More Gifts (Hilborn): Murray Landa discusses what a fundraiser should say when meeting with a donor. Don’t worry so much about what to say. Instead, focus on what to ask. Seek to understand the donor and what she wants to achieve.

6. Nine Simple Ways to Reach Different Generations of Donors Successfully ( The biggest mistake nonprofit organizations can make is using a blanket approach to try to connect with the entirety of their current donor base or reach out to gain new donors. Claire Axelrad, CFRE discusses how to approach different generations.

7. Media Hits Come In All Shapes And Sizes (The Nonprofit Times): Large nonprofits received a median of 93 hits in major news outlets in 2015, according to a new study entitled Mediamarks published by M+R.

8. Is Donor-Centric Real or Unicorn? (Donor Voice): Most donors give in spite of the fundraising volume machine and the irritation it causes, not because of it. How to avoid that? Create a new model based on a personalized relationship.

9. How to Write a Heartfelt Thank-You Note, Quickly & Easily (Linked In, Raphael Magana): Sound too obvious? But have you done it recently? Too old-fashioned? It still works. A nice reminder.

10. Why You Should Write at the 6th-Grade Level (Future Fundraising Now): Somebody has no doubt told you this: The best fundraising copy is not higher than the 6th grade reading ease level. Someone else has told you: Our donors are highly educated, it would be a big mistake to talk down to them by writing at a low grade level. So which one is correct?

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