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AFP Top Ten (Week of July 18, 2016): Blackbaud Index, Influencing Donors, Grant Seeking Myths, More!

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1. The Blackbaud Index: Nonprofits Experience a Decrease in Overall Charitable Giving (Blackbaud): The Blackbaud Index reported that overall charitable giving to nonprofits decreased 2.4% while online giving increased 1.5% for the three months ending May 2016 compared to the same period in 2015.

2. Influencing Donors Using Type Indicators (The NonProfit Times): During a session titled “Engaging Leadership Donors with Person­ Focused Communication” at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ international conference, Bob Fogal and Deene Morris explained that various personality types are broken down using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

3. Twenty-Five Things Awesome Board Members Do (Nonprofits With Balls): A list to remind you of the great things board members do when one of them screws up. Or, a list to remind you of the things your board members could (and should) be doing. Your call.

4. A "Wow!" Moment in US Philanthropy: MacArthur Foundation's $100 Million Competition (Forbes): The MacArthur Foundation recently announced a competition to award $100 million to one proposal designed to help solve a critical social problem. The competition, the foundation noted, is “open to organizations working in any field of endeavor anywhere.” Wow!

5. Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders): Powerful Storytelling Without Words (SOFII): This advertisement produced for television and cinema is an effective demonstration of powerful storytelling even though nobody speaks a word in it.

6. Myths in Grant Seeking: The Myth of Relationships (Grant Results): Myth: Getting a grant is all about who you know. Reality: Whom you know is seldom all that matters.

7. Stop Making Stupid Email and Direct Mail Mistakes (Michael Rosen Says…): Do NOT send Michael Rosen’s wife an email appeal with stupid email and direct mail mistakes. Because if you do, he’ll use it as the basis for writing an interesting blog post about what NOT to do.

8. Infuriating Fundraiser Incentives (Donor Relations Guru): Recently, Marts and Lundy came out with a report on the state of incentive pay in Higher Education development programs. But Lynne Wester is none too happy that of the respondents that have incentive programs, only two contain anyone in advancement services and NONE of them have incentives in place for donor relations.

9. Does Boston Have Too Many Nonprofits? (Boston Globe): Are too many nonprofits doing essentially the same thing while competing for donors and struggling to survive? Or, given the deep well of intractable social problems, can there ever be too many? 

10. It’s Only One Major Donor (Veritus Group): Remember, everything you do in major gifts – everything – is just one donor at a time. One – not many. You are talking to one, not two or more. Just one. Good lesson for ALL fundraisers.

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