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AFP Top Ten (Week of July 4, 2016): Successful Retention, Charity Auctions, Humans of New York, More!

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1. Successful Retention Starts With Acquisition (The NonProfit Times): Fundraisers know that successful retention of donors/members is a job requiring just as much work, if not more, as getting them in the first place. Here’s a look at both mistakes organizations make regarding retention of donors and what organizations do that works well.

2. Charity Auctions: From Stress to Success (Hilborn): Auctions are a different beast. Every fundraising event is unique and brings with it its own set of challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges with charity auctions.

3. How Executive Directors Can Most Help Their Development Directors (Joan Garry Consulting): Maybe leave this article on the boss’s desk?

4. This New Credit Card Lets You Give To Charitable Causes With Each Swipe (Fast Company): A new MasterCard issued by CommerceBank, it gives away your cash-back bonus to any nonprofit of your choice, including K-12 schools, colleges, and religious institutions.

5. Humans of New York: The Power of Storytelling for Social Fundraising (SOFII): The winner of last year’s I Wish I’d Thought Of That (IWITOT) in London. Humans of New York has been a stunning example of community engagement through social media and a demonstration of the power of storytelling since its launch in 2010. And now, it is also a model for crowd funding.

6. How to Turn a "No" From a Foundation Into a "Yes" (Guidestar: Blog): It’s the job of grant seekers to distinguish between the "no's" that really mean "no, for now" and those that mean "no, never." Below are some practical suggestions for positioning your organization to turn a "no" for now into a "yes" the next time.

7. Metrics, Friend or Foe? (Part Four) (Phil’s Career Blog): Janice Boyle is in the middle of a six-part series on metrics. In part four, she shares the fundraising metrics most helpful in describing fundraising effectiveness clearly for the fundraising team and laypeople alike: Sustainable Net Growth, Awareness, Accuracy.

8. How Do You Earn the Trust of a Donor? (Liana Downey and Associates): Trust can come from a lot of things: transparency, honesty, and being inclusive, patient and responsive. It can only exist when there is a genuine relationship.

9. Understanding Crowdfunding After a Tragedy (The Nonprofit Quarterly): While the magnitude and reach of crowdfunding are substantial, there remain many misperceptions and issues to be understood and managed by nonprofits, donors, and regulators.

10. Loyalty? What Loyalty? What Consumer Stats Tell Fundraisers (Nonprofit PRO): The value of a retained donor lies not only in terms of immediate cash but also the increased likelihood of a long-term donor upgrading or leaving an estate gift. You can help increase donor loyalty by applying these consumer loyalty statistics to your fundraising program.

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