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AFP Top Ten (Week of June 29, 2016): "Brexit" Issues for Nonprofits, Gift Planning Tips, More!

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1. Historic UK “Brexit” Vote Raises Countless Issues for Nonprofits, Civil Society (The Nonprofit Quarterly): Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Global markets are stunned, and the pound plunged to its lowest level since 1985. Win or lose the Brexit vote, public institutions will continue to face ‘populist’ challenges until they become more accountable to ‘the people.’

2. Eighteen Crucial Pieces of Data for Your Next Prospect Profile (Donor Search): A fundraiser has to be able to connect with and anticipate the needs of a donor prospect. Since reading minds isn’t possible (yet), prospect research is the next best thing. Here’s 18 crucial pieces of data to include in your donor profiles.

3. Who Are the Cause Marketing Stakeholders? (Donor Driven): At the dawn of Cause Marketing in the mid ’70s, the plan was to use the cause to help attract customers. In the 40 years since, companies have realized that their cause can draw in a substantially larger audience than just customers. It’s expanded to any stakeholder that has an interest in the company.

4. Enabling Volunteers to Do the Right Stuff (SOFII): Competent development staff help their board members to carry out fund development work. Effective chief executive officers competently enable their boards and board members to do governance. And excellent leaders enable their staff to learn and develop and succeed.

5. Top Tips from Practitioners in Gift Planning – Part One (Hilborn): Five experienced fundraising professionals to share their best advice; from how to get started if you are in a small shop, to how to become a better gift planner.  You may be surprised at what they had to say.

6. Seven Major Gift Secrets Every Fundraiser (and Board Member) Should Know (Fired Up Fundraising): Your organization is seeking major gift success, right? So let’s look for the actual major gift secrets that will bring you success.

7. Five Ways to Connect with Your Donors (Movie Mondays): Tammy Zonker has come up with five different ways that will help you connect with your donors and get a meeting with them.  Watch the video and use these five ways to connect with your donors.

8. How to Recruit and Engage Introverted Volunteers (Charity Village): So we all know about extroverts and introverts, right? Or do we? In reality, many introverts describe themselves as social, creative and, yes, dynamic. Checking your assumptions and learning as much as you can about introverts are positive first steps toward engaging them in your organization.

9. IRS Unleashes Flood of Searchable Charity Data (The Chronicle of Philanthropy): The Internal Revenue Service has opened a gusher of information on nonprofits by making electronically filed Form 990s available in bulk and in a machine-friendly format.

10. The 20 Most Generous Companies of the Fortune 500 (Fortune): By surveying the top 150 companies in the Fortune 500 and collecting data from public documents filed with the IRS and SEC, The Chronicle of Philanthropy has published a list of the most charitable public companies, which can be viewed here. With help from the Chronicle, Fortune has identified the top 20 most generous companies, as measured by cash contributions.

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