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AFP Top Ten (Week of June 15, 2016): The Elephant in the Room-Telling Your Story

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1. How Three Groups Are Navigating the Giving Seas (The Chronicle of Philanthropy): Three charities share what’s working to help them earn support these days: creativity and diversifying revenue streams, an extra push for private dollars when government funds don’t come through, and an increased effort to reach donors through financial and estate planners.

2. “You’re Just Too Good To Be True:” The Many Odd Faces of the Faux Donor Problems (The Nonprofit Quarterly): A major gift arrives out of the blue from an unknown source. The donor isn’t in your database or your paper files, and no one on staff has heard of them. Maybe they have a moving story about an experience with your nonprofit or hospital or university, or a promise made to a dying aunt. They may be taking you for a ride that could turn out to be a time, energy, and reputation suck. 

3. New IRS Regulations Encourage Use of Program-Related Investments (Denver Post): The Internal Revenue Service recently issued new regulations that encourage foundations to enhance the impact of their philanthropically committed capital by using program-related investments (permitted since 1969) when investing at least some of the significant funds that sit in endowments. These regulations give nine new examples of different types of program-related investments.

4. Innovation in Fundraising: Why, How, What, When? (Part 1) (Nonprofit PRO): In a recent, opinion piece on the Plymouth University Critical Fundraising blog, Joe Jenkins shared the notion that the social benefit sector has “a big problem—the entrenched homogeneity of charity communications.” But Claire Axelrad respectfully takes issue with some of his statements.

5. Analytics - A Scary Word for Some Fundraisers (Hilborn): Data does not have to be frightening or difficult or daunting. Analyzing your donor database will save you time, help you allocate human resources more effectively and most importantly help you to raise more money for your nonprofit. But where to start? Here’s some ideas.

6. The Elephant in the Room: Telling Your Story (LinkedIn: Samir Goel): Most people don’t fit into a perfect narrative. Your charity doesn’t have a perfect story. But people need to understand it anyway, warts and all. Here’s how to neatly repackage your story.

7. Launching a Peer-to-Peer Campaign: 6 Strategies for Nonprofits (Bloomerang): Peer-to-peer fundraising, also called “social fundraising” or shortened to “P2P fundraising,” can be an easy way for nonprofits to raise a significant amount of money and expand their donor base. If you’ve determined that a peer-to-peer campaign is the way to go for your organization and want it to be successful, here’s what you’ll need.

8. Three Strategic Questions to Ask When Board Members or Staff Present You with a “Great” Idea (Movie Mondays): It has happened to all of us.  A board or staff members comes up to you and tells you their great idea on how to raise more money.  Their intentions are good, but their “great” idea is way off the mark.  Awkward! Kivi Leroux Miller shares three strategic questions you can ask so that you never find yourself in that awkward position again.

9. Most Charities Are Cleaning Up Their Act on Fundraising, Research Finds (The Guardian): Most charities in the U.K. have taken action to improve the way they fundraise following last year’s scandals. Nearly three quarters (73%) of all respondents to a survey carried out by PwC in conjunction with the Institute of Fundraising and the Charity Finance Group reported improving their fundraising practice over the past year. 

10. Warren Buffett: Do This Every Morning to Be Successful (Inc.): Not about fundraising per se, but any advice from Warren Buffett is good advice, and this applies easily to you, your fundraising and your cause.

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