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AFP Top Ten (Week of June 8, 2016): Donors Don’t Want Their Gifts Spent on Overhead … Or Do They?

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1. Donors Don’t Want Their Gifts Spent on Overhead … Or Do They? (Abila/Guidestar Blog): “Overhead” can be a dirty word in nonprofit circles. But according to a recent donor loyalty study, some of those overhead concerns are actually myths.

2. Big Donors Losing Faith in Charity to Solve Problems (The NonProfit Times): Seven out of 10 high-net-worth (HNW) Americans have more confidence in the private sector to solve social and environmental problems than the public or nonprofit sector. Another six in 10 believe that private capital invested in social and public programs can produce superior outcomes, all while ownership and interest in impact investing climb. 

3. Waning Volunteer Rates Lead Nonprofits to Engage Workforce in New Ways (MiBiz): Volunteers are becoming more valuable every year as fewer people offer their time and a growing share of the workforce brings otherwise costly skillsets to the nonprofits they serve.

4. Are The Donors in Donor-Advised Funds “The Promised Land” or Just Regular Folk? (The Nonprofit Quarterly): Fidelity Charitable Funds has just released its latest report on its donors, 2016’s “Giving Report.” But the halls of donor-advised funds are not teeming with high-dollar donors hiding behind the giving intermediary for anonymity—they tend to be regular but relatively modest donors.

5. 211 Non-Profit Event Fundraising Tips: Turn Your Gala Into a Powerhouse Party (Fired Up Fundraising): We didn’t count, but there sure a lot—and some very good ones. A nice list to review even if you have a great event already.

6. Using Challenge Gifts To Change Behavior (Movie Mondays): You’re probably with using challenge gifts, or “matching gifts”, to help raise more money.  But what about using them to change the behavior of board members and staff members?

7. Stop and Smell the Roses (101fundraising): A donor really, really doesn’t want to be ‘fundraised’. They don’t want to know that they are being targeted, segmented, analysed, and actively moved up the giving pyramid or being identified as a good bequest prospect. A donor wants you to care. To care about them.

8. Dazzle Your Donors With a Great Story (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog): When your donors open your appeal letter or newsletter, do you bombard them with a bunch of boring, mind-numbing statistics, or do you share a story about how the Johnson family moved out of a shelter and into a home of their own? If you’re making a difference, you have stories to tell.

9. Five Reasons Introverts Make Great Nonprofit Leaders (Charity Village): So what about introverts can make them great leaders in the nonprofit sector? Listening, deep relationships, and running good meetings, among many!

10. Here’s Your Chance – A Message to All New Graduates in Philanthropy (Achieve): Some inspiring words from Derrick Feldmann ,who recently had the honor of giving The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University 2016 commencement speech.

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