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AFP Top Ten (Week of June 1, 2016): Recognizing the Reality of Recognition, Planet Philanthropy, More!

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1. Recognizing the Reality of Recognition (Hilborn): What do philanthropists really think about recognition? Why do they or don’t they want their names attached to a gift? Interviews with dozens of Canada’s top philanthropists revealed very sophisticated and, for the most part, very principled approaches to recognition.

2. Key Lessons From AFP State Fundraising Conference (Notes on Nonprofits): Alyce Lee Stansbury attended Planet Philanthropy, the annual state fundraising conference hosted by the Florida Caucus of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Here’s what she learned!

3. State Regulators and Watchdogs Object to Changes in Donor Disclosure by Nonprofits (The Nonprofit Quarterly): An intriguing four-way battle is forming over the issue of tax-exempt organizations providing lists of donors to the IRS and state regulators. Whether done by legislation or regulation, it appears that in the future the IRS will be collecting far less information on donors than it currently does.

4. Stephen Pidgeon: Giving Is Seen as a Duty in the US and Canada (Third Sector): Interesting post on some of the differences between North American and European fundraisers, and a nice reminder for all of us on the critical role a fundraiser plays in our society.

5. Five Ways to Retain a Corporate Partner (Donor Drive): With organizations focusing on long-term partnerships as opposed to annual or one-time sponsorships, it’s important that you work to retain those sponsors. It’s a given that your organization will deliver on promises to your corporate partner, but there are simple things you can do to ensure that you continue that partnership for years to come.

6. Cash-Strapped States Eyeing Endowments (The NonProfit Times): A storm is brewing over universities’ rainy-day funds. State and federal government are eyeballing schools’ endowments, with forced spending and taxation among potential mandates to be levied.

7. Study: How Do Donors Want Charities to Approach Them? (Nonprofit PRO): We’ve covered the report before, but it’s worth highlighting again: How do donors want charities to approach them? That’s the question at the heart of new research by Rogare, a fundraising think tank at Plymouth University Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy in the United Kingdom. Critical stuff!

8. The Acceptable Face of Fundraising Targets (101fundraising): Ken Burnett asks, if the donor experience, not fundraising targets, should be at the heart of future fundraising strategies, how will our organisations achieve what they need?

9. Three Tips for Making Your Newsletter More Engaging (Movie Mondays): Do your donors feel great when they read your newsletter? In today’s video, Shanon Doolittle and Beth Ann Locke share three simple tips for making your donors feel great.  You want your donors to feel like they are making a difference… right?

10. Donors Say: Enough about You. Let’s Talk about Me! (Michael Rosen Says…): A recent study reveals that donors support charitable causes for “very personal reasons.” In other words, giving is about them (the donors and what motivates them) and is far less about you and your nonprofit organization.

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