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AFP Top Ten (Week of May 25, 2016): Women’s and Girls’ Causes, Pay-What-It-Takes Philanthropy, More!

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1. First-of-its-Kind Research from Women’s Philanthropy Institute Reveals What Motivates Donors to Give to Women’s and Girls’ Causes (Women’s Philanthropy Institute): Women are motivated to give based on personal experiences and the realization that giving to women is a powerful way to effect large-scale change in society. 

2. Pay-What-It-Takes Philanthropy (Stanford Social Innovation Review): Important new findings about a needed new grant approach—one that provides enough money for nonprofits to pay for all their operations, not just programs and services. The first step toward achieving that is for grantmakers to realize that different types of nonprofits have different cost structures.

3. Philanthropic Gamification Becoming a Virtual Reality (The NonProfit Times): Organizations and design studios are seeing more opportunities to fundraise, advance missions and convey important information all while consumers are having fun. As technology advances and games increase in popularity, the short and long-term future of gaming might inform how an increasing number of organizations interact with constituencies and raise money.

4. Techniques To Grow Your Nonprofit Email List (causevox): Let’s assume that your nonprofit has a great website and you have taken the right steps to choose a tool that captures the email addresses of your website’s visitors. But, how do you draw visitors to your website in the first place so that you can capture their email address? Here are some tried-and-true techniques to help bring people to your site so that you can collect that coveted email address.

5. Being Donor-Centric Is Not Function of Volume (Even Though The Biz Model Is Horribly Broken) (Donor Voice): What does it mean to be donor-centric? What if your entire business were built around answering the following types of questions about your donors, and then building out product, offers, communications and journeys, based entirely on this intelligence about your donors? A longer but interesting post.

6. How to Prepare for Media Interviews at Your Next Charity Fundraising Event (Donor Search): With journalists often stretched for time, media preparation is imperative to securing optimal coverage of your event, spreading a charity’s key message to wider demographics. ere is what to prepare for the media before your next charity event:

7. UK Individual Donations Fall to Lowest Level for Seven Years (Third Sector): Individual charitable donations in the UK fell by £500m last year to £9.6bn, the lowest amount for seven years, according to research from the Charities Aid Foundation.

8. Three Powerful Major Gift Questions You Might Not Be Asking (101fundraising): We all have our tried and true questions when it comes to major gift fundraising and creating a connection with a donor. Some questions, however, are more powerful than others are. Certain types of questions can build trust faster and deepen the relationship more quickly. Here are such five questions you may not be asking.

9. No Nonprofits – You Aren’t Posting Enough On Social Media Profiles (JCSM): How often should nonprofits post on Facebook/tweet on Twitter/post on Instagram/share on LinkedIn, etc.? The answer? More than you assume!

10. Fundraising Mix: Think Workout! (Hilborn): Do you tend to gravitate toward areas that are known to be successful? Are your goals and concrete plans a little light on areas that are new or more challenging?  Lorelei Wilkonson, CFRE, talks about prioritizing your fundraising mix and outlines steps you can take over the summer to build toward your next fundraising planning cycle.

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