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AFP Top Ten (Week of May 18, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. How to Use Donor Testimonies in Fundraising (causevox): Nothing has the ability to motivate donors to give, as well as get donors involved more, than a well-written and emotional story. But, what if you added something a little different to your storytelling repertoire? Instead of using client-centered stories to appeal to your donors, try supplementing your marketing materials with donor testimonies.

2. Seven Hopeful Trends in Philanthropy (Nonprofit With Balls): Thoughts from the GEO (Grantmakers for Effective Organizations) conference, with some very insightful points on equity, diversity and funding.

3. Foundations Tap Into Endowments to Make ‘Mission Investments (FT Wealth): Good article on how some foundations are looking at their endowment as an additional tool with which to pursue their philanthropic goals and align their investments with their mission.

4. Giving Day Website Issues Affect Dozens of Campaigns (Philanthropy News Digest): The perils of relying on technology and the impact it can have not just on your organization, but your donors.

5. How to Get Sponsors Despite Your Geography (Hilborne): Mountains and rivers aren’t the problem. But attracting sponsorship in geographies outside of your head office location can be. But it IS possible!

6. Fifteen Fundraising Success Metrics to Start Tracking (Donor Search): Measuring your performance is a crucial step that nonprofits must take to succeed. And worry not, there’s no shortage of methods of measuring performance. These metrics are the analytical tools nonprofits need to continue raising more and more funds.

7. There’s Only One Thing You Need to Do as a Leader Every Day (Not Your Father’s Charity): A great post by Wayne Elsey, who wakes up with only one thing on his mind: pushing himself and his team to be the absolute best.

8. Why Do You Care? (Movie Mondays): Do you want your board members to be effective fundraisers? If so, here’s a simple exercise you can start with that will help generate more enthusiasm and commitment from your board members.

9. GuideStar Introduces Program Metrics Section for Nonprofit Profiles (The Nonprofit Quarterly): GuideStar, the nonprofit repository of information on 2.4 million U.S. nonprofits visited by 7 million people annually, is adding a new way for organizations to report quantifiable data in support of their program achievements.

10. Crazy Is Not One Of The Characteristics (The NonProfit Times): Question: Who is the typical fundraiser? Answer: Yes. During the AFP International Fundraising Conference, Drs. Sarah K. Nathan and Eugene Tempel of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy offered a look at fundraisers as people, based on surveys of 1,826 respondents taken in 2015, and compared with similar surveys taken in 1996.

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