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AFP Top Ten (Week of April 27, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. Why Funding Overhead Is Not the Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs (The Nonprofit Quarterly): In this webinar, Claire Knowlton, director of advisory services at the Nonprofit Finance Fund, presents a conceptual review to help nonprofit executives' understanding of the issue, frame overhead costs and how it's related to funding and mission. 

2. #Fundraising Moneyball: Track Three Numbers That Will Make You a Champ (Michael Rosen Says): From Michael Rosen's blog, Carrie Horton, director of content and education at Kindful, highlights a seminar from AFP’s 2016 International Fundraising Conference: “Fundraising Moneyball: The Only Metrics that Matter in Digital Fundraising.” Carrie explores the important goals and numbers to focus on in your “fundraising moneyball.”

3. Three Ways to Remove Psychological Barriers to Philanthropic Giving (bloomerang): The one thing all marketing (and fundraising) ultimately boils down to is risk. When a prospective donor contemplates making a gift to you, they ask themselves (consciously or unconsciously) what the risk is in so doing. Claire Alexrad explains.

4. What Stories Are You Not Telling? (The Storytelling Non-Profit): Asking generative questions that include a “not” in them can be so helpful. So often we are focusing on what we should be doing, but by asking questions like this we can shift our perspective to pick up on our blind spots.

5. Nine Informative Infographics to Guide Your Visual Content Marketing (buffer social): Visuals are a big deal. If you need any more convincing, or if you’d simply like to hear the argument in a beautiful visual form, Kevan Lee rounded up nine of the best-looking and most informative infographics focusing on visual content marketing.

6. You Say You Want a Revolution? (Impact DC): Words of wisdom from AFP’s International Fundraising Conference in Boston to give you something to think about, incite action, and make you feel good about all you do. 

7. Top Earners Gave an Average of $33 Million Each to Charity, IRS Says (Chronicle of Philanthropy): The 400 taxpayers with the highest incomes in 2013 reported giving an average of $32.8 million to charity. That’s the second highest average in two decades of data provided by the IRS, behind only 2012.

8. Seven Tips For You To Be A Social Media Rock Star (re:charity): A nice infographic with great content on…well, as the name says…how to be a social media rock star.  

9. Why Online Petitions Are Crucial to Your Volunteer Recruitment And Retention (Charity Village): There is an easy tool that both keeps your volunteers active with your mission and that helps you recruit new supporters: online petitions.

10. Helping Board Members Succeed(Movie Mondays): Do you have a board member that’s “failing?” Tim Heimerie talks about what you can do to shift YOUR thinking to help board members become more satisfied in their roles—and to ultimately raise more money.

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