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AFP Top Ten (Week of April 13, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. In Conversation: Simone Joyaux (Hilborn): In this postcast, Kimberly MacKenzie, CFRE talks with Simone Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip, talk about nonprofit governance and how to help your board of directors be as successful as possible.

2. The Hashtag - I Wish I’d Thought of That (SOFII): It used to be a neglected symbol on our keyboards, one we didn’t bother with much and consequently couldn’t find very easily even if we did. But today fundraisers should certainly be using the hashtag. It’s one of the most simple ways to connect people to a cause – and it’s next to the enter key in case you are still looking. Here’s how to go about using the hashtag effectively.

3. From Zero to 584 Donors in 17 hours – A Crowdfunding Success Story (Movie Mondays): Can you imagine starting a new campaign and bringing in 584 new donors in the first 17 hours? Here’s how this successful crowdfunding campaign happened. And amazingly, it started with a simple idea and 28 Twitter followers.

4. How Images Make Your Fundraising Campaign Standout (Kindful): If your nonprofit is looking for a way to take online fundraising to the next level, better images may be the answer. Just look at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even in more text-based corners of the web, successful content is almost always paired with great images. Here are some reasons why the strategic use of imagery or branding is so important to your nonprofit fundraising strategy.

5. The New Paradigm: From “Fundraising” to “Philanthropy” (Fired Up Fundraising): Gail talks about a shift she’s seeing in the sector—a move TOWARD a much broader, more holistic notion of “philanthropy”—where fundraising is valued ad considered an important part of an organization’s mission. It’s where donors are engaged and honored as true partners in the organization’s work. We’re looking forward to it!

6. Why Your Board Cares About Fundraising Compliance and You Should, Too (Top Nonprofits): A very nice piece about why your board should care about your charity being registered in every state it raise funds, as well as a good toolkit to use when looking at where and how you should register.

7. Why Some Nonprofits Aren’t Ready for a Strategic Plan (Yet) (Social Velocity): The title sounds like blasphemy, but Nell Edgington makes some very good points. Does your organization fall into this category? Well worth reading regardless.

8. How Snapchat is Revolutionizing Modern Day Advertising for Nonprofits (Social Fish): Why might Snapchat be worth it for your organization? Here are some of the ways in which the platform has changed the fundamental way in which you can connect with your audience.

9. How to Calculate a  Fundraising Event’s Opportunity Cost (bloomerang): Large fundraising events can be fabulous ways to celebrate your cause and your mission. Too often, however, they are used as a main fundraising vehicle in an organization’s fundraising plan. While they can certainly bring in large amounts of money on one night, they come with steep opportunity costs that must be weighed to understand the true return on the event’s fundraising. 

10. The One-Size-Fits-All Donor Model Is So Last Century (npEngage): As the United States population becomes even more diverse, fundraisers have an unparalleled opportunity to employ strategies that engage new audiences, bring new voices to the table, and enrich the nonprofit sector with new talent and leadership.  Embracing the growing importance of diversity—as well as the role of women as donors is essential in the 21st century for philanthropy to reflect the values of a pluralistic society.

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