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AFP Top Ten (Week of March 16, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. If Our Donors Aren’t Listening, Are We Really Communicating? (npEngage): Most of us have heard the philosophical question numerous times: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Similarly, estimates of donor retention—that range from horrible to abysmal—has made Pamela Barden wonder, “If a direct response message lands in a person’s mailbox/inbox and they don’t pay attention, are we really communicating?”

2. Three Ways to Maximize Board Effectiveness (BoardSource): In this video, Phalana Tiller talks with BoardSource president and CEO Anne Wallestad about three rules for maximizing board effectiveness.

3. Fundraising Lessons from Unlikely Successes, Failures and Faster Horses (Hilborn): Have you ever written something off as a failure that then went on to be a huge success? History is littered with stories of unlikely and unexpected successes. Good lessons for all fundraisers.

4. Donor Centricity Is Easy, But It’s Not (101fundraising): Shifting an organisation towards true donor centricity requires making a fundamental, disruptive change. It’s not a cosmetic, superficial fix to how you write copy, or a matter of more personalisation in your emails. And it isn’t easy.

5. How Board Members Can Help Executive Directors Thrive (Movie Mondays): Does your executive director’s attitude make a difference on your organization? In this video, you’ll meet two board members, Earl and Jeni, who share some very practical tips on how your board can truly help your executive director thrive.

6. How to Quickly Draft Basic Messaging Guidelines for Your Nonprofit (moflow): Does your nonprofit organization have messaging guidelines in place? A handy little article on a basic necessity that often goes overlooked.

7. Your Donor-Centered Appeal Letter Checklist (Fired Up Fundraising): Gail Perry provides five guidelines on how to write a donor-centered appeal letter that engage them and makes them want to take action.

8. How to Host a Donor Thought Circle (Network for Good): And what is a donor thought circle, you ask? A donor thought circle is a fun, low-key cultivation event. Your goals are to find out what attracted these folks to your cause and how you can make them and others feel more engaged.

9. Measuring Donor Experiences – Part 2 (The Agitator): In part 1, Roger Craver indicated why measuring specific donor experiences represents such a fundamental shift in mindset for most organizations. In part 2, he talks about what types of donor experiences can and should be measured for a health care organization, for a nonprofit event and for a donation page.

10. Four Fundraising Lessons I Learned From My Cat (Get Fully Funded): Look, we like all pets, but cats have a special place in our heart. Sandy Rees explains what she learned about fundraising from one of her cats, Ginger.

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