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AFP Top Ten (Week of March 2, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. The Organization Cost of Insufficient Sleep (McKinsey & Company): Sleep? Yep, sleep (mis)management, at one level, is obviously an individual issue. But in an increasingly hyperconnected world, in which many companies now expect their employees to be on call and to answer emails 24/7, this is also an important organizational topic that requires specific and urgent attention. An interesting read.

2. Four Traits Every Nonprofit Board Member Should Possess  (Guidestar): The ideal nonprofit board member is more than a couple deep pockets. In fact, if your directors don't possess these four critical traits, your organization could be missing out on any number of strategic opportunities. 

3. The Complete Guide To Corporate Partnerships For Nonprofits, Part 7: Fundraising...The New Element: (Donor Driven): The seventh and final installment of a good series on developing corporate partnerships. The link to the final part is below, and if you want to start at the beginning, click here

4. "What, Me, Ask For A Raise?" An Interview With Marc Pitman (Wild Woman Fundraising): Mazarine Treyz interviews Marc Pitman about how to get a raise or salary increase at your nonprofit fundraising job.

5. Predicting Who Your Major Donors Will Be (Movie Mondays): Predictive analytics may not be a crystal ball, but it can certainly help you discover major donors in your database. Josh Birkholz from Bentz Whaley Flessner is going to give you a quick peek into predictive analytics and show you how you can spot major donors in your database.

6. Four Types of Donors and How to Segment Them (Sumac): Audience segmentation is a must for non-profits of any size to connect with your community in 2016. Gone are the days where simply inserting someone’s name (Hello Jenny,) in an automated email seemed like great personalization. You’re now expected to talk with your audiences on an individual level.

7. Press Release 101: Why You Need a Good ‘Nut Graph’ (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog): Your nonprofit faces long odds whenever it sends a press release to a reporter or editor. Best place to start?  A nut graph. Not sure what that is? Read on.

8. Six Great #Fundraising Tips from a 6-Year-Old Boy (Michael Rosen Says…):  Calgary’s Haylen Astalos has never attended a fundraising conference. He does not have a college degree in philanthropy, nonprofit management, or fundraising. Nevertheless, now at six-years-old, Astalos has figured out what it takes to successfully raise money. Some good tips for us all!

9. Measuring Donor Experiences – Part 1 (The Agitator): The basic axiom of the organization-donor relationship: It is the actions an organization takes toward its donors (donor experience) that determines the attitude positively or negatively of the donor. In turn it is the donor’s attitude that determines the donor’s behavior toward the organization. (E.g. giving, volunteering, staying or leaving.) Roger Craver addresses the new organizational model and set of metrics needed to truly measure donor experience.

10. Opinion: The Ideological Attack on Fundraising, Part 1 – Happenstance, Coincidence, Or Enemy Action? (Plymouth University): In a three-part series, Ian MacQuillin takes on the current attacks on fundraising in the UK and why they are happening . A great series and well worth reading.

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