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AFP Top Ten (Week of February 24, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. Awakening the Authentic Ask (Jennifer Harris Collective): A great piece on what it means to be a fundraiser, the power of what we do and why we feel compelled to make “the ask.” Well worth your time.

2. The Complete Guide to Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits - Part 1: Business Is Business. (DonorDriven): Part one of a seven-part series that was written as a comprehensive guide for nonprofits who are looking to move beyond basic commercial sponsorship to long-term partnerships with corporations and gain the extensive benefits these relationships offer. They’re up to part six. We’ll start you at part one.

3. How Nonprofit Leaders Create an Authentic Personal Brand on Instagram: (Beth’s Blog): Instagram, the popular Millennial photo sharing site, is gaining traction with world leaders, government leaders and nonprofit executive directors. But to be effective,  nonprofit leaders must excel at using their personal brands and voices in service of their organizations’ missions and strategies on Instagram and other social media channels.

4. Peer-To Peer Events Require Fundraising Endurance (The NonProfit Times): Smile Train, based in New York City, has turned endurance events and participants’ desire to share their experiences into a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that has helped buoy the nonprofits’ fundraising efforts.

5. Two Foundations Choose Higher Payouts & Invite Philanthropy to Rethink (The Nonprofit Quarterly) Two influential leaders in the Philadelphia area philanthropic community passed away this past January: Patricia Kind and Harold Taussig. The foundations they created are memorializing their legacy through increased grantmaking, giving away more than the five percent required by law.

6. Master Grammar and Write For Action. (SOFII): As a fundraiser, you need to understand the basic parts of speech. A great tutorial, with some good ideas even if you know your grammar good…err, well.

7. There Are Six Main Reasons Fundraising Fails (Notes on Nonprofits): Sadly, it’s not that uncommon and there are many reasons why it happens. Alyce Lee Stansbury lists her top six.

8. Five High-Value Ways to Help Prep For the Next Year-End Fundraising Season (big duck):  A smart and effective year-end campaign takes time to prepare and implement—and we recommend you start thinking about it as early as possible (hint: don’t start planning it in November a week before your direct mail piece needs to drop). The good news is that you’ve got time—but there are simple, high-value steps you should take now to ensure you are better positioned to make your 2016 year-end campaign a success.

9. Five Things: Personalization In Fundraising Communications Is More Than Mail-Merging a Name (Ruffalo Noel Levitz): Personalization in fundraising communications is all the buzz in 2016. However, the definition of “personalization” appears to vary from one person to the next—and certainly one organization to the next. How you personalize your fundraising communications can make a big difference in the number of donors and dollars generated for your program.

 10. Infographic: Why Nonprofit Employees Quit (TechImpact): Employees quit jobs and move on for a variety of reasons, but in the world of nonprofit work, it's especially important, given the costs associated with hiring and training new employees, that we retain our best and brightest. Check out this infographic that lays out the 15 reasons why nonprofit employees quit.

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