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AFP Top Ten (Week of February 17, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. Learning to Love Silence (LinkedIn): Of all the skills that successful development professionals need to master, the art of understanding when to be quiet is perhaps the most difficult. Good ideas on when to be silent and what silence can do during a meeting.

2. Board Ambassadorship: An Interview with Debra Beck (Emily Davis Consulting): What if we talked to board members about their roles as ambassadors as opposed to fundraisers? We’ve reframed the conversation from begging for money and the elevator pitch into the role of the ambassador – it can be empowering, fun, and engaging for board members.

3. Ask-Phobia: How To Overcome Ask Aversion (SOFII): Hopefully as a fundraiser you don’t have this issue. But maybe your board, your staff and other supporters do. Five good tips.

4. Your Best Gift Officer May Be the One You've Fired (LinkedIn): If you are an Executive Director or CEO of a nonprofit organization and you have had fundraising staff who have been fired for under-performance, have you ever asked yourself why these former employees were not doing enough to meet their goals? Something for fundraisers to pass on to their bosses.

5. What Nonprofits Need to Know About Facebook's New Fundraising Tools ( Reminder: Facebook is now dedicating more resources to help charities raise more money online. Facebook plans to accomplish this by eliminating as many barriers as possible to giving inside Facebook. Two new tools should help. They are “Fundraisers” and a new “Donate Button.”

6. 4 Ways to Turn Volunteers Into Donors (Bloomerang): There is a proven correlation between volunteering and donating. One study found that on average, volunteers donate ten times more than non-volunteers. In addition, nearly 70% of folks surveyed said they donate to the organization for which they volunteer. But how do you convert your volunteers into donors for your organization? If you’re having a hard time, here are four points to keep in mind.

7. Four Strategies to Find New Donors in Your City or State (Donor Search): The Earth has 196,940,000 square miles of total surface area, and, unless you have a teleportation device, your fundraising team can’t cover it all. The most convenient place to look for new donors is on your street, around the corner, and other places within your city or state. As with those who desire fresh vegetables, it’s best to stay local to get what you want.

8. Get Energized (Rottman Creative):  How many times have you seen membership and engagement spike for your annual event only to drop off soon after? The acquisition and retention roller coaster is not a sustainable way to achieve your organization’s mission. We know inspiration starts with CLARITY to raise awareness and reassure the interested. But you also need ENERGY in the form of strategy that articulates your expertise.

9. Asking for a Major Gift and a Planned Gift in 4 Easy Steps (Fired Up Fundraising): Wow – the Ultimate Ask – a major gift and a planned gift all at one time! Gail Perry talks about how to approach donors in this fashion.

10. Five Ways to Improve Your Storytelling Results in 2016 (Charity Village): Many organizations are trying to figure out how to tell stories about their organization and (ideally) raise money with the stories they tell. This goal is not an impossibility. Stories do improve fundraising results.

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