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AFP Top Ten (Week of February 3, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. Choose Relationship Fundraising. Or Not. (101fundraising): Dr. Adrian Sargeant provides what he thinks are the key insights from our ‘Relationship Fundraising: Where Do We Go From Here?’ project, which was funded by Bloomerang and Pursuant.

2. What Is a Mission Statement (BoardSource): Make your mission matter. Every organization needs to define its fundamental purpose, philosophy, and values. This resource helps answer key questions about a mission statement, including: why have a mission statement; how to develop a mission statement; and who should create or revise it. (Name and email required to download document.)

3. Reveal Your Nonprofit Power: Three Ways to Build Donor Confidence (Stay Classy): When you present your organization as active and powerful you can help shape the way the public sees you. With the right imagery and messaging, you can even influence their decision to support you. Here are three ways to position your organization as one that can make a real difference.

4. Lessons from Goodwill Industries (Hilborn): Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario (Goodwill) stopped operations suddenly on January 18, 2016 after over 80 years of serving the public.  Every charity management and board should take time to learn from this tragedy.  Was this an unpredictable catastrophe, or were there warning signs that the Board could have used to change Goodwill’s direction?

5.Three Ways to Transform “No” into “Yes” when Asking for Major Gifts (Amy Eisenstein): Have you ever asked someone for a major gift and they said “No?” I have, and it’s not nearly as much fun as when your donor says yes. However, “no” is an answer you need to be prepared for if you’re going to be a successful major gift fundraiser. You know the saying, if you’re not getting any no’s, you’re probably not asking enough. Well, it’s true. And “no” may not be as bad as you think.

6. Jack Draws Anything (SOFII): Inspiration: Sometimes the most simple ideas surprise us by exceeding all expectations. Jack Draws Anything started with one brother’s love for another – and shows that when you find a story that touches your donor’s heart, you give yourself the best shot at a successful fundraising campaign.

7. Corporate Fundraising in the Small Shop: Common Misconceptions (Village Vibes): Here are some of the most common misconceptions Chris Baylis sees when working with small shops in building a corporate development strategy.

8. One Way to Bring In an Additional 400K Per Year (Movie Mondays): Has your fundraising been flat? That’s exactly where Robin Callahan found herself.  She’s the Executive Director at the Issaquah Schools Foundation. In today’s video, Robin tells you what they did to get their fundraising jump-started again.  She’ll also tell you what they learned in regards to engaging both the wife AND the husband when it comes to soliciting for donations.

9. Fundraising Statistics That Should Scare All of Us (Nonprofit PRO): Hint: They’re all about donor retention from AFP’s own Fundraising Effectiveness Project.

10. Three Elements of an Engagement Framework (The NonProfit Times) Just having a website, even an up-to-date and attractive one, is not enough. Support comes from people who are engaged with the organization or its mission.

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