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Money Wellness: Unleash the Power to Big Gifts

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Laura FredricksFundraising is such a goal-oriented occupation where we are often so swept up with having to raise dollars that we don’t ever really consider our relationship with money or our donors’ relationship with money. That relationship can have a huge effect on how we raise funds—and how people give!

AFP had a chance to chat with Laura Fredricks recently about this relationship—what she terms Money Wellness—which is the topic of her upcoming webinar on February 11

Q:  Can you tell us a little bit about the concept of Money Wellness?

A:  Money Wellness is the awareness that every decision you make in life involves money, which causes stress that affects your health in a very BIG way. Your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you have about money, as well as the everyday decisions you make about money, affect your sleep, diet and exercise. In fact they affect every aspect of your life—including relationships, travel, education, parenting, fashion, real estate, charity, financial security, retirement, fun, success, and creativity.

Many people think that Money Wellness means having a lot of money and being able to do anything at any time, worry free. Money Wellness, however, is defined by health, not wealth. It is the sum of everything that goes with being financially, emotionally, and physically sound, and is the balanced holistic integration of financial, emotional, and physical health. To have “Money Wellness” means having adequate cash flow, sufficient assets, the absence of illness and the presence of emotional wellbeing.

Having Money Wellness will allow you to work out your Money Blockers, those thoughts that you have about money that are preventing you from having your best relationship with money. An example of a Money Blocker maybe that your debt “will be taken care of later,” or “I’m not sleeping because I have to ask for a raise and I just want it,” or “one day I will join an exercise program but right now they are all too expensive.” Once you know your Money Blockers, you can move through and beyond them so that you are focused and clear about every choice you will make. Then you will be on the road to less stress and better health.

In fundraising we need to ask ourselves: How healthy is our relationship with money, and how healthy is our donor’s relationship with money? We all tend to skip this part and focus on their wealth: where they have given before and how much we think they SHOULD be giving (and I believe “should” is the worst word in fundraising).  This is a much deeper and more meaningful approach to building the best relationships with our generous major donors.      

Q:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about Money Wellness?

A:  Skipping the part that asks great questions about money and stress in our lives and in our donors’ lives.

Q:  Your webinars and seminars seem to really focus on success through changing beliefs or patterns, sort of like dieting or exercise.  How did you decide to apply this strategy to fundraising?

Take a good look at the donors we love. How do they look?  Do they exercise, eat right and get enough of sleep? Is money and worrying about money the cause of bad diets, lack of sleep or decrease in creativity and pure fun?

Once you know and become aware that money is at the heart of many stressors that prevents many people from having their best health and their best professional and personal life, then you begin to understand why many people “can’t give.” This takes a completely different and unique approach to how we view our work – a total understanding that it is our beliefs and values about money that influence the ability and willingness to give.

Q:  Is Money Wellness an extension or evolution of the Ask?

A:  EVERTHING is an evolution of THE ASK, because the ASK is about observing: asking great open-ended questions, listening and then keeping the person in close and genuinely assuring them that you will be with them all the way until they make a decision. Money Wellness is an evolving new component to THE ASK because it will show and guide you through a brand new dimension that make your individual giving programs skyrocket!       

Q:  If you had only one ASK left what would it be?

A:  My last ASK is that I can continue to ASK and guide others to ASK, so that together we can be the change agents for years to come!

To find out more about how Money Wellness can help you and your organization’s fundraising, join us for Laura’s webinar on February 11, 2016 at 1:00 PM Eastern, “Money Wellness:  Unleash the Power to Big Gifts.”

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