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AFP Top Ten (Week of January 27, 2016): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. 3 Direct Mail & Email Lessons from the For-Profit World (Michael Rosen Says…): The nonprofit and for-profit sectors can learn a great deal from each other. For example, there are three powerful insights from the for-profit sector about direct mail and email marketing that fundraising professionals can certainly benefit from.

2. Resolve to Improve Your Volunteer-Led Fundraising (Skystone Partners): We all know volunteers are a critical resource for any organization’s fundraising efforts. Yet many community leaders hesitate to get involved in fundraising projects and campaigns when approached. Perhaps somewhere along the way they had an unpleasant or unfulfilling volunteer fundraising experience.  Let’s fix this together, keeping in mind some central tenets of good volunteer management.

3. Lesson for Fundraisers From Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Kelsey Cleveland): Wait…fundraising AND Star Wars?!!? We’re in. Kelsey gleans several ideas critical to fundraising in the latest Star Wars installment. A fun read, but careful, spoilers ahead…if you’re one of the 12 people that hasn’t seen the movie yet!

4. Hello, Are You Really Listening to Me? (Robin Cabral): We are all so very guilty of appearing to listen to someone, but yet already forming a reply in our head. You know, you are sitting with a donor and rather than listening, you are rehearsing what your response may be. But are you missing some critical information when you don’t listen intently?

5. Dysfunctional Fundraising Teams (David Langiulli): Over the past few weeks I had a few conversations with leaders I know about dysfunction on teams.  Sadly, this dysfunction is a common occurrence that, in my experience, often arises from a fundamental fear of conflict. It's a theme that arises frequently in my coaching work with leaders. The fear of conflict is often initiated and promulgated by an insidious saboteur known as the "Pleaser."

6. When is the Perfect Time to Ask Your Donors for a Gift? (Amy Eisenstein): Do you ever feel stuck in cultivation? Like you’re simply not sure it’s the right time to ask? How can you know when the donor is ready? Figuring out when it’s the right time to ask can be one of the most difficult challenges for fundraisers to overcome.

7. Different Asking Styles (Movie Mondays): Brian Saber talks about different fundraising styles—no particular one is better, they’re all just different. Once you understand and accept your style, you can not only boost your confidence, but help improve the “asks” of the volunteers and staff around him.

8. A New Approach to Fundraising – Why You Should Be Accessing Your Donors’ Networks (SOFII):  The current fundraising model doesn’t make the most of the way marketing has changed over the last 10 years. In fact it looks increasingly like a broken model. And yet there is an opportunity to look at it differently. We are all connected and have social capital with people we know.

9. Donor Acquisition Series #1 – WANTED: An Investment Mindset (The Agitator): Roger Craver starts the New Year by starting at the beginning: donor acquisition and how much it costs—in money, time, skill and innovation —to make the most of that ‘acquisition’ for the long haul. This is the first installment of the Agitator Donor Acquisition Series, with a focus on a fundamental investment metric: Life Time Value.

10. Get Your Staff Excited About Volunteer Involvement (Charity Village): If your staff are managing volunteers in any way, it’s important that you have staff buy-in for getting involved with volunteer management. They also need the proper training and knowledge to make sure your volunteers are engaged, motivated and fulfilling their duties effectively. Here’s how you can give them the motivation and the tools to effectively manage and support volunteers.

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