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Fundraising with Mobile—Five Questions with Darian Rodriguez Heyman

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Darian newAccording to the Pew Research Center’s 2015 report on cellphone usage, 64 percent of American adults now own a smartphone.  Of those smartphone users, 57 percent have used their phone to do online banking, and 10 percent do not have any other form of high speed internet access at home.  

Clearly cellphones are affecting all areas of life, and it’s a medium fundraisers need to know and use. AFP had a chance to chat with Darian Rodriguez Heyman recently about the increase of fundraising with mobile before his webinar on January 27.

Q:        How much money was raised through mobile fundraising last year?

A:        It’s a good question that’s difficult to answer. We know the broad contours but not the exact numbers. The best resource I found is Nonprofit Tech for Good’s 20 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats.  (Of particular interest are points15, 19 and 20.) 

Q:        How does that compare with previous years?

A:        Much higher! Mobile traffic and data use are doubling every year, and the percentage of web traffic via mobile is growing by 29 percent a year, compared to PC access which is actually declining 13 percent a year. That’s an important trend that I’m not sure a lot of fundraisers understand.

Q:        “Cold calling” using your phone is sometime used in fundraising. Is it a good idea to use mobile fundraising to cold call?  How do you craft a message accordingly that won’t annoy the recipient?

A:        Cold calling in general is risky, and it's never a good idea to spam folks and contact them in any way unless they've asked to hear from you.  If you're targeting millennials, studies show they hate fundraising calls, while seniors are more open to them.  Younger folks are more comfortable with text, but again not from people they don't know. So take the time to develop relationships and ask them if they'd like to hear from you, and even more importantly, how they want to hear from you.

Q:        What’s the coolest new thing happening with mobile fundraising?

A:        Without a doubt, integrated apps and responsive websites that deliver program benefits to clients while also engaging donors and raising money for the cause.

Q:        What do you do when you’re not involved in the mobile fundraising world?

A:        I like to travel the physical world, snowboard and DJ when I can!

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