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AFP Top Ten (Week of December 16, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. Simple Strategies for Preparing Your Database for the New Year (Abila) What good is your data if you can’t find what you’re looking for due to the mounds of information you have to sift through? Here are some simple tasks you can perform to prepare your data for the coming year, courtesy of Abila.

2. Hiring a Capital Campaign Consultant (Amy Eisenstein) Amy talks with Andrea Khilstedt about why you should never use an RFP to hire a consultant, what to do before hiring a consultant, and how to engage your best donors and board member prior to a campaign.

3. Transparency in Philanthropy  (We Did It): Transparency in philanthropy is a deceptively easy idea that can be incredibly complex and intimidating. The rise of Big Data can obscure just as much as it reveals, so do you just put it all out there or streamline it? Do you let everything hang out? Keep information in your hip pocket? What's a charity to do?

4. Hey, You Want Nonprofits to Act More Like Businesses? Then Treat Us Like Businesses (Nonprofits with Balls): The nonprofit sector has an identity issue. Are we businesses, or are we something else entirely? Vu Le argues that the frustrating reality is that charities are increasingly judged as businesses without given the rights and resources to fully operate as businesses.

5. Removing the Awkwardness From Donor Relationships (Movie Mondays): Have you ever had a donor relationship turn into more of a friendship?  And then when it came time to ask for a gift, it felt awkward or perhaps even a bit icky?  Sandy Rees talks about how to handle such a situation.

6. Five Gift Annuity Organizational Considerations (The NonProfit Times): Establishing a charitable gift annuity (CGA) is more than just accepting the donor’s contribution and saying thanks, although those are important. There is much that must be done at the organizational level before a CGA can even begin, both in terms of individual donations and such a program in general.

7. On Board, Above Board, NOT Bored! – Part 1 (Hilborn):  In this three-part series, Rickesh Lakhani outlines three major areas to consider for maximizing the success of your Board of Directors: getting them On board, being Above board and ensuring they are Not bored—getting them to "OAN" their role. Part one focuses on choosing the right people for your board.

8. My Donors…Your Donors…Our Donors…Whose Donors? (Simone Joyaux) Simone artfully takes a look at how we refer to donors and what that type of vocabulary means. Because after all, donors don’t think about being YOUR donors—they think about looking for an organization to give through to fulfill their own aspirations.

9. Why You Should Follow Up Your Fundraising Letters with Email (John Haydon): There are things you can do now to make the donor pick that envelope out of the pile, read your letter, and donate online (or send in a check). One of them is to follow up your fundraising letter with email.

10. The Formula for Giving Viral (Fundraising Success): happens when you have an idea and within days you have tens of thousands of people taking action? Some can say you are “lucky,” but others will tell you, rightfully so, there are some critical elements to getting traction on social media around a specific call-to-action.

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