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About the Ready Reference Series

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Get the quick answers to your most pressing fundraising questions with the AFP Ready Reference Series. The series is a great little resource for the busy practitioner or a wonderful introduction for someone new to the office - whether it is a new CEO or a new assistant.

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These affordable and handy booklets contain specific information on important topics identified by our Resource Center patrons. Each booklet presents information in an interesting, informative, hands-on format, giving fundraising professionals a very quick guide they can follow to expand and improve their fundraising efforts. The booklets include many how-to tips, step-by-step instructions, and insights into specific aspects of fundraising and philanthropy.

The series currently comprises nine titles with one French and six Spanish translations.

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Developing Fundraising Policies and Procedures

Developing Fundraising Policies and Procedures

Developing Fundraising Policies and Procedures: Best Practices for Accountability and Transparency - will guide your organization in adhering to ethical fundraising practices, enhancing relations with donors and funders and improving development staff efficiency and effectiveness. This booklet contains sample policies as well as resources and references.

Making the Most of Your Special Event

Making the Most of Your Special Event (this title also available in Spanish)

Making the Most of Your Special Event - this practical guide gives you a quick overview for great special events. Recognize the opportunities special events can generate; then get started choosing the right event, creating the plan, the budget and timeline. This booklet contains information for working with volunteers, a readiness checklist as well as sample letters, timelines and a budget worksheet!


So You Want to Be a Consultant!

Have you ever considered becoming an independent consultant? The latest addition to the AFP Ready Reference Series is what you need to explore the intricacies of this challenging, yet rewarding career path. So You Want to Be a Consultant! not only addresses the pros and cons of having your own business, but also explains how to get started.

In a clear, easy-to-read format, the handy booklet examines the three keys to a successful consulting practice in the nonprofit field—from the practitioner’s perspective:

  • Managing client relationships
  • Managing the business
  • Marketing the business 
In addition, there are numerous practical resources, including a sample non-compete agreement, pre-proposal interview questions and a pro forma financial plan.

Establishing Your Development Office (this title also available in French and Spanish)

Establishing Your Development Office gives the nuts and bolts of planning, organizing, equipping and staffing a development office. Plus, read:
  • How to deal with boards and volunteers.
  • Develop a budget and fundraising plan.
  • Create "the seven documents every development office must have" to succeed.

The booklet is intended to be a working tool, and is chock-full of checklists, "how-tos" and practical suggestions for getting a new development office off and running!


Getting Ready for a Capital Campaign (this title also available in Spanish)

Getting Ready for a Capital Campaign - Every development officer who is launching a capital campaign needs to keep this handy guide at their fingertips. Its bulleted, scannable format will help you quickly assess your organization's internal and external readiness for a successful capital campaign:

  • Are you ready for them? Internal readiness topics include organizational structure, giving history, staffing, the board, non-board volunteers, public image and the organization's level of technology.
  • Are they ready for you? External readiness covers preliminary planning, making the case, planning study interviews, and hiring and working with consultants.
The booklet includes a handy Campaign Readiness Evaluation checklist, to identify if your organization is ready (or not!) to conduct a campaign.

Bringing a Development Director on Board (this title also available in French and Spanish)

Bringing a Development Director on Board tells you all you need to know to find, hire, and empower a new Development Director for your organization. Especially useful for executive directors of organizations recruiting their first professional development officer, this 60-page booklet is chock full of helpful information about assessing your organization's needs; identifying high-quality candidates; effective interviewing; negotiating an employment agreement and job plan; and an appendix with 25 pages of handy sample documents.

Reviving Your Donor File

Reviving Your Donor File addresses the role of direct marketing in the development office, how to pull together your team and an integrated strategy, how to improve your donor lists and files, how to establish an effective program to welcome new donors and donor cultivation. Learn how to develop the perfect direct marketing plan for your organization.

Building an Effective Board of Directors (this title also available in French and Spanish)

Building an Effective Board of Directors will help you identify and recruit board members and offers numerous ways to solve the age-old question: how do I get my board involved in fundraising? As with all of the ready reference booklets, readers will find quick, bulleted, easy-to-read copy and lots of tools such as sample forms and checklists to make your job easier.

Asking for Major Gifts (this title also available in Spanish)

Successful solicitations are a team approach no matter who makes the ask! In this booklet, the reader will learn how to build the solicitation team and how to implement the steps for a successful solicitation. Guidelines for training the team are included as well as practical tips, proven strategies, materials used in the solicitation process and internal forms to ensure continued success.

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Please note: Future booklet topics will be selected from a variety of sources, including frequency of member requests and areas of need identified by the AFP's Fundraising Practice Analysis Study.


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