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AFP Top Ten (Week of October 28, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. Why Nonprofits Need More Than Just a Responsive Website Design (Nonprofit Hub) Mobile has become such a huge way for people to interact with the outside world – and that’s overall, not just regarding nonprofits. It’s not only about whether or not your website looks good on a phone or tablet, but also every email – be it a newsletter or an invitation to an event you’re holding – needs to be optimized for mobile.

2. Fundraising Problems Are LEADERSHIP Problems (The Fundraising Coach) The truth is fundraising can’t be subcontracted, says Marc Pitman. It only works when there is strong leadership with vision cast by the board and CEO. And goals that cascade from that vision through the various levels of the organization.

3. Opportunities Missed From Too Many Fundraising Channels (The NonProfit Times): While most nonprofits use multiple channels to engage their supporters, there still are missed opportunities when it comes to online fundraising and the time it takes to acknowledge donations.

4. The Dos and Don’ts of Donor ‘Thank You’ Calls (Pamela Grow): Some good ideas and perspectives on ‘thank you’ calls. And here’s the key: “The daily practice of thank you calls goes a long way towards instilling an organizational attitude of gratitude that’s downright contagious.” Yep!

5. Do You Know if Your #Fundraising is Failing? (Michael Rosen Says):  Michael Rosen talks about the latest results of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project and the problem with donor retention. The answer, as he says, is turning common sense into common practice.

6. Storytelling: 7 Ideas About What to Tell Your Audience (The Social M’s): Okay, so they miscounted and there are more than seven ideas. But there are some good ideas here, including this reminder: the best stories which you can tell have your personality in them – so, do not be afraid to show it.

7. 15 Lessons Learned from Donating Online to 32 Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech For Good):  To celebrate @NonprofitOrgs reaching 800,000 followers on Twitter, Nonprofit Tech for Good donated $800 to 32 nonprofits. And here are the VERY interesting things they learned!

8. The Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit (Stanford Social Innovation Review) Succession planning is the No. 1 organizational concern of US nonprofits, but they are failing to develop their most promising pool of talent: homegrown leaders.

9. The Keys to Identifying a Planned Giving Prospect (Donor Search): Identifying a planned (or, deferred) giving prospect is not an exact science. There’s definitely a certain amount of finesse and intuition involved that comes from experience. However, most supporters who make deferred donations fall under a specific subset of characteristics.

10. 7 Crucial Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Fundraising (Movie Mondays): In this video, Steven Screen and Jeff Brooks​ walk you through some story telling ideas and advice, the most important being: making sure you know WHAT the story is.

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