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AFP Top Ten (Week of October 21, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. Top Five Indicators of a Great Fundraising Prospect (DonorSearch) The secret to a successful fundraising campaign is identifying the right prospective donors – those who care about your organization and are able to make a significant contribution. Finding these donors is the tricky part! Here are the top five factors that most accurately predict future giving.

2. Shut Up and Listen (The NonProfit Times) It’s exhausting but you have to do it. There are two levels of mind state when connecting with others: subconscious emotional and conscious rational. According to Richard Brown, president of RB Consulting, major gifts officers spend too much time in the latter and not enough in the former.

3. The S.U.R.E. Way of Fundraising (Movie Mondays): Do you struggle to write your fundraising letters and appeals?  Jeff Brooks walks you through a simple way of improving your fundraising.

4. Why Associations Should Be Planning Their LinkedIn Exit Strategy (Social Fish): A few things have ramped up Maggie McGary’s suspicions that now is probably a good time for associations who rely on that feature to start thinking about an exit strategy–or at least a plan for what they’ll do when LinkedIn finally comes out kills off groups instead of slowly bleeding them dry of all useful functionality.

5. Connecting Your Social Enterprise to Gen Y Hinges on This Simple Concept (Charity Village):  Millennials want to support organizations run by socially-minded entrepreneurs who solve complex problems with dignity and believe in humanity’s potential. To stand the test of Millennial judgment, leaders need to inspire us with their vision and give us a compelling reason to make their movement our movement.

6. Why Are We Obsessed With Social Media Fundraising? (PhilanTopic): Why? Why do we spend so much time obsessing about an activity that, in reality, doesn't generate all that much income – in fact, just 1 percent of total revenue from online donations?

7. Apples and Pears: The Curse of the ROI Fundraising Ratio (fundraising 101):  Matthew Sherrington argues that ROI shouldn’t be a goal that governs organisational fundraising strategy. It should be a metric that helps you determine the best investment choices between activities, all things being equal.

8. What You Can Learn from 5 Stellar #GivingTuesday Campaigns (The Nonprofit Marketing Blog) Here are a few success stories from some top #GivingTuesday campaigns from 2014, and what you can learn from their hard work.

9. Let’s Keep in Touch? (UK Fundraising): A nonprofit professional talks about her experience moving and how she kept in touch with the charities she strongly supports—and how they did (and didn’t) stay in communications with her. A very interesting read.

10. Ten Saviours of the Fundraising Sector (Stephen George’s Blog): A good quick reminder on the importance of…oh, just read it.

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