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AFP Top Ten (Week of September 23, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. Getting the best from your volunteers through the SAVE approach (Hilborn) Creating a solid volunteer management system that is well communicated and reinforced will go a long way towards minimizing the need for disciplinary actions – including the need to fire a volunteer. By using the SAVE Approach, you can proactively ensure that best practices are in place for onboarding new volunteers, providing guidance to existing volunteers and, when necessary, end the volunteer relationship.

2. Three Fundraising Innovations You Need to Know About (TechSoup): It was a pretty interesting summer for charity fundraising launches. Facebook expanded its Donate Now buttons to all charities; eBay has a new Sell for Charity mobile app. And the social media startup, GoodWorld, launched Social Giving September. Here are three fundraising innovations we think you might want to know all about.

3. Improving Your Donor Retention and Response Rates (Movie Mondays): Tom Ahern talks about different ways to improve your donor retention rates as well as your direct mail and communications response rates—including the 13 strongest words you can use.
4. From Bored to Blazing: 7 Steps to Get Your Board Reconnected, Re-engaged and Enthusiastic (Fired Up Fundraising):  Have your board members lost their enthusiasm and zip? Have they possibly lost their energy to create change and make a difference? Gail Perry talks about seven ways to turn your board around.

5. Getting That Grant: How to Write Letters That Interest Potential Donors (SOFII): If you are, or want to be, a grant writer sooner or later you will be called upon to write a letter of interest/introduction, or LOI as they are sometimes called. Here’s how to do it well.

6. Construct Choice in Fundraising Solicitations (The NonProfit Times):  A very interesting read on exploring examples of how substitutions so tiny the typical reader doesn’t single them out can skew the reaction to the message that follows.

7. Seven Key Findings from GuideStar’s 2015 Nonprofit Compensation Report? (Guidestar Blog) GuideStar has published the 15th addition of its annual Nonprofit Compensation Report, which shows the percentage of women CEOs has declined, among other findings.

8. How Much Should I Ask For in a Grant Application? (Imagine Canada): Deciding how much to ask for in a grant application can be a perilous job. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you decide.

9. How an Over-Active Imagination About Donors Can Make You a Clumsy Fundraiser (Future Fundraising Now): One of the biggest sources of fundraising errors happens when we make up stories about donors. It's a natural thing to do: It helps us think non-abstractly about these real people. It goes astray when we depart from what we know and build elaborate fictions about donors—wild guesses about their behaviors that wander far away from what donors really do.

10. That moment when a national foundation offers you half a million charitable dollars and you say, “That’s not good enough. Give me a lot more,” and they say, “Oh, okay. I’ll give you a lot more.” (Fundraiser Grrl): ‘Cause sometimes you need a little laugh. Read it. Heck, read ‘em all!

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