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AFP Top Ten (Week of September 16, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Fundraising Email (Donor Hub) Creating a fundraising email that makes a big impact with your supporters isn’t always easy. You’re competing with super full inboxes and other demands on your readers’ attention, and of course, you’ve got to compel them to open their wallet.

2. The Anatomy of a Successful Fundraising Email (Business 2 Community): While email is a powerful communication channel, it’s also very crowded and transient. Just as quickly as a donor might arrive at your donation page, they could lose interest or delete the message. Nonprofits must craft smart, engaging emails that their supporters open, read, and act on.

3. Fundraising Tools to Help You Prepare for End-of-the-Year Campaigns (TechSoup): The end of the year giving season is coming up, and TechSoup wanted to round up some of the best fundraising tools from their catalog. We said, sounds good by us!

4. How to raise less money than you did last year (Hilborn):  Okay, she had us at the title. But Heather’s Brown piece is a good case study on what not to do with regarding donor retention and a reminder for all organizations.

5. My Top 5 Tips for a Profitable Year-End Campaign (Fired Up Fundraising): Yep, it must be that time of the year as we’re seeing more columns on year-end campaigns. Here’s Gail Perry’s take.

6. Two Ways You Can Put Your Donors at the Center of Your Fundraising Program (Movie Mondays):  How can we raise more money? How do we stop losing our donors? Vanessa Chase shares two ways you can start putting donors at the center of your fundraising program that will, coincidentally, answer these two questions.

7. Blue Ocean Strategy – a new approach to strategy and an opportunity for fundraisers? (101fundraising) Blue ocean strategy is an alternative way of approaching strategy that’s about creating new markets (a blue ocean) instead of competing in existing markets (a red ocean). Angela Cluff with a very interesting thought piece well worth reading.

8. When Donors Speak Do You Listen? (Wharton): Phone call about emails are one thing (and usually responded to), but Roger Craver warns us to take social media just as seriously when hearing from donors and others.

9. 12 Ways to Relate to Donors (The NonProfit Times): Building a rapport with donors is like building any other relationship, creating a connection counts. In his book “The Zen of Fundraising,” Ken Burnett shares 12 considerations to make when attempting to relate to donors.

10. Hey Mr. Fundraiser: stop asking your board members to trespass (SOFII): Fundraisers must stop asking their board members to trespass on personal and professional relationships. This all-too-typical tactic makes board members uncomfortable, thus making them reluctant to help. Furthermore, it doesn’t produce loyal donors or sustainable gifts.

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