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AFP Top Ten (Week of September 9, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

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1. Operation Homefront: The Card (SOFII) What can a business card do? Far more than most of them do now. Have your “elevator speech” on your card and create a lasting, permanent impression.

2. What to Do When Fear Leads to Fundraising Failure (Guidestar Blog): It’s been seven years since the Great Recession, yet many charities have seen their fundraising plateau with no obvious signs of improving. The downturn affected everyone, including donors. Here are seven ideas to embrace to get you and your organization out of the funk.

3. Stress Free Event Sponsorship – Part Three (Hilborn): Chris Baylis breaks down event sponsorships in three phases: pre, during and post event with a strategy for each phase. In part two of the three-part series, he focuses on what to do AFTER the event, which just might be the most important part.

4. A Hobbit’s Guide to Building Community (TechSoup):  In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo can't destroy the ring on his own. He assembles a mighty fellowship comprised of nine members with vast backgrounds and fighting skill, with the hopes of aiding Frodo in accomplishing his mission. In the same way, your nonprofit cannot complete your mission alone; you must cultivate a fellowship of supporters to make the journey with you.

5. Who Owns the Peer-to-Peer Donor? (Donor Drive): In online peer-to-peer fundraising, campaign and event participants solicit friends and family for donations. This has turned the dynamics of ownership on its head. Your donor is no longer your donor. So how do you build that relationship?

6. How to Inspire Audiences to Give More (Movie Mondays):  How can you raise more money at your fundraising breakfast or fundraising event? In today’s video, Tom Mesaros gives you his recipe for inspiring audiences to give more at your event.

7. How to Identify a Planned Giving Prospect (Donor Search) Planned gifts are increasingly important, but most nonprofits do not know how to scout for and identify potential planned donors. But there’s no reason they can’t start. Here’s how.

8. Six Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from Google’s Logo Reboot (Wharton): Google’s logo redesign is its biggest change in 16 years. But do logos really matter? Six things you can learn from Google’s logo redesign.

9. Thoughts on Dealing With Objections (OnFundraising): On AFP’s LinkedIn Discussion Group, John Gilchrist, FAHP, CFRE talks about how to deal with objections from your donors as you speak with and cultivate them.

10. Create a Donor-Centered Appeal Letter by Writing With Love (Fired Up Fundraising): Jen Love of Agents for Good fills in for Gail this time and talks about 7 key tips to help you craft the perfect, personal, sweet, heart-touching, heartfelt appeal letter that will absolutely floor your donor. Can’t argue with that!

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