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AFP Top Ten (Week of August 19, 2015): Fundraising Ideas, Stories & Perspectives You May Have Missed!

Resource Center - Foundation

1. The Good News About Donor Fatigue (Future Fundraising Now) If you're afraid of "donor fatigue," Jeff Brooks has some good news for you: There's no such thing.

2. How to get your board to fundraise online. (Donor Drive): Board members can be incredibly well connected with many philanthropic contacts and peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to introduce them to your organization. Here are some ways to get your board to start fundraising.

3. Stress Free Event Sponsorship – Part One (Hilborn): Chris Baylis breaks down event sponsorships in three phases: pre, during and post event with a strategy for each phase. In part one of a three-part series, he provides seven “pre-event” strategies things that he uses to secure event sponsorship revenue.

4. Successful Fundraising is a Team Sport: Physicians' Role in Fundraising (Campbell & Company):  Sure, it focuses on physicians in healthcare philanthropy, but the theme of teamwork and some of these ideas found in the article can be used at many different charities.

5. Getting the Donor Meeting (Movie Mondays): Do you ever have trouble getting that all important donor meeting? Karen Donahue Robinson and Kristina Williams tackle that problem. They talk about how to get the first meeting with a new donor, as well as how to deal with a current donor who’s reluctant to meet.

6. Whatever Happened To Our Values, Ethics And Integrity? (Third Sector UK):  In recent weeks a whirlwind of accusations has struck fundraisers in the United Kingdom. Stella Smith reminds us all that the benefit to our cause is the only real measure of a charity’s success, and that controversies should serve as an impetus to review priorities and refocus conversations.

7. Prepare for Turbulence (Grizzard) Allison Burrough Myrick compares your airline flight experience with a donor experience and talks about the lessons fundraisers can learn from flying.

8. When Less is More (101fundraising): Rachel Beer wonders why so many fundraisers are obsessed with trying to get as many people as possible who don’t truly care about the cause to give just a little bit of money—and challenges the assumption that more donors automatically equals more funds raised. A very good read.

9. Considering the Nonprofit Uses of Text Messaging (Nonprofit Quarterly): According to a Pew Research Center report from April 2015, sixty-four percent of American adults own a smartphone, and forty-six percent believe they cannot live without them. But, are nonprofit organizations paying enough attention to these important statistics, and are they applying them to their brand outreach and fundraising?

10. How to Hire a Social Media Manager: The 12 Bedrock Habits That the Best Managers Have in Common (buffersocial): A longer article, written for for-profits, and maybe your charity can’t afford to hire a social media manager. BUT…there are some ideas and tips that can easily be converted to a nonprofit social media program. Take what you want, and leave the rest.

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