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AFP Top Ten (Week of August 12, 2015): Cat Pictures, The Web and Fundraising

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1. Meow: Cat Pictures, The Web and Fundraising (The NonProfit Times): If there’s one thing that unifies people young and old, it’s cat pictures. The lesson: fundraisers are always trying to think up their next great fundraising or advocacy message, be it by email, direct mail or social media. Just as important as what channel they use is how they say it to certain audiences.

2. Mining for Board Member Gold (Hilborn): Most people join boards because they want to make a difference for your organization or cause. Simply put, they want to do their part to solve a problem. It is our job to help them do that, which means figuring out their skills and the best way they can help.

3. Foundations Have An Important Role To Play In Helping ‘Unpopular’ Charitable Causes (Alliance): ‘Rising to the Challenge: A Study of Philanthropic Support for Unpopular Causes’ highlights the debate about the disparities in the destination and distribution of funding across charitable causes. The report focuses on the charities that represent perceived ‘Cinderella’ causes and identifies the top ten most ‘unpopular causes’ – including mental health care, refugees, and ex-offenders. While the study recommends steps for charities who want to overcome these challenges, it raises important questions for donors and foundations.

4. Isn’t It Time for a New Story? Innovative Approaches to Nonprofit Storytelling (Village Vibes): With content generation a ubiquitous priority these days and with the competition for eyeballs higher than ever, it’s no surprise that organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to tell their stories.

5. How One Simple Change Caused 1000% Growth n Donations (Movie Mondays):  Tom Ahern discusses the one simple change  that may be the difference between bringing in a small amount of donations and bringing in a whole lot of donations.

6. The Dark Side of Fundraising When You Don’t Have a Plan (Fired Up Fundraising) Sometimes we learn as much from what we shouldn’t do as what we should. Gail Perry takes us on a tour of the “dark side” when you don’t have plans, proper investments and everything else a charity needs.

7. Liberty in North Korea Autumn Campaign (SOFII): A campaign that raised more than $500,000? Ho hum. But all the gifts coming from people under 30? Now that’s a case worth reading about. SOFII has the story.

8. Charity Online Transactions Least Likely to Be Abandoned, Research Suggests (Charity Digital News): Online transactions on charity websites are the least likely to be abandoned in comparison to other commercial sectors, according to research by the ecommerce platform provider Ve.

9. Tie the news to your cause (Philanthropy North Carolina): Pay attention to the news and you will find lots of opportunities to raise awareness about the community need your nonprofit addresses.

10. Get Windows Ten For Your Organization (  Trying to figure which version of Windows you have and what it means for upgrading to Windows 10? TechSoup has a nice chart and explanation of the possibilities.

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