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Chatting About Cause Marketing With Tania Little, CFRE

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Tania Little CFREWe had a chance to chat with Tania Little, CFRE recently about her use of cause marketing in her job as Director of Development and Partnerships for Food Banks Canada and why she’s dedicated to the eradication of hunger and poverty. 

Q: What is Cause Marketing?

A: Joe Waters ( says it best: Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit.

Q: How do you use it in your job?

A: With every partnership we build at Food Banks Canada, we look to identify what objectives our partners are looking to achieve and then develop a program that best suits those objectives.

In most cases we’re looking to:

  • lever our partners existing marketing plan to add value,
  • identify ways to maximize touch points (interaction with their brand or product) and activation (sales/awareness) with their key audiences or new audiences,
  • build wrap around digital support (social and content)
  • identify where and how we can support their PR efforts

Q: Is it something to only be used with corporate partnerships/fundraising?

A: Based upon the definition that I defined above yes – it is primarily used with non-profit and a for profit business. There is a specific shared value for both partners that comes out of a cause marketing partnership as part of an integrated fundraising strategy.

Q: Your work has largely been focused on food banks and providing general aid to the poverty-stricken, why is this personally important to you?

A: In North America, over 40% of food that is grown and produced gets discarded and primarily ends up in landfills.

Canadian food banks provides service to 1.8 million people (or 5% of the total population) in need, including 666,000 children and 77,500 seniors. In the United States, the food bank network provides service to 46.5 million people (or 7% of the total population) in need, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors. 

To me, the fact that so much food is discarded while we have so many people in need is deplorable. This is important to me because it can be rectified.

Q: I’m giving you the magical power to effect one change in the world.  What would that change be?

A: I’d like to be a part of eradicating food waste and identifying the policy, partnership and systems changes required to ensure that no person ever goes hungry again. The one change in the world I’d like to see happen would be eradicating greed as a human emotion/tendency. I believe that once that happens people will become more compassionate and neighbourly.

* * *

To find out more about Cause Marketing join us for Tania’s webinar on July 15 at 1:00 PM Eastern, “Win Win Win:  Build Deeper Relationships with Your Corporate Partners Through Cause Marketing”

For more info or to register click here.  

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