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Top Ten (Week of July 1, 2015): 13-Step Process to Building and Strengthening Your Mid-Level Giving Program

Resource Center - Foundation

1. Donor Relations/Cultivation: 13-Step Process to Building and Strengthening Your Mid-Level Giving Program - Part Three (Hilborn): In the second of three articles, Maeve Strathy shows what any mid-level giving program should be all about: dedicating attention to those donors showing great potential in your annual giving program.

2. Donor Demographics: The 2015 World Wealth Report: 5 Essential Takeaways (Helen Brown Group):  The 2015 Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management World Wealth Report is out! Every spring, it makes for fascinating reading for those in fundraising, and for financial advisors and wealth managers working with high net worth individuals (HNWI).

3. Giving/Tax Laws: The Power of Non-Cash Gifts (The NonProfit Times): Have you ever had that moment in fundraising when the light bulb goes on for a donor? One way to create such a moment is to explain the power of a non-cash gift. Many donors are surprised when they learn that they might be able to avoid paying capital gains taxes and provide additional support to their nonprofit of choice at the same time.

4. Corporate Sponsorships: Five Strategies for Getting More Corporate Sponsorships (Nonprofit Best Practices): In this 15 minute video, Shanon Doolittle will show you how to find new sponsors and how to approach these sponsors. She'll even tell you what to say.

5. Donor Relations/Cultivation: The Nifty Guide to Prospect Research and Major Giving (Donor Search): Whether a major gift to your organization is $1,000 or $1 million, the key to efficient fundraising is stratifying your donor base. The reason is simple: Different levels of potential donors are best cultivated using different strategies. This blog outlines the three types of major donors and best approaches to cultivating each.

6. Donor Relations/Cultivation: Advisors Need Deeper Discussions on Charity (Financial Advisor) Financial advisors are missing an opportunity to help clients with their philanthropic giving on a long-term basis, according to a new report issued by Fidelity Charitable on the giving habits of clients.

7. Donor Demographics/Technology: Five Big Myths About Techies and Philanthropy (Inside Philanthropy): Inside Philanthropy has looked closely at the giving of nearly every tech philanthropist and written repeatedly about the top leaders in this area, including Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Gordon Moore, and others. Based on what they’ve learned about these funders, here are a few myths about techies and philanthropy.

8. Fundraising Approach/Storytelling: Telling Your Story to Stand Out (Guidestar Blog): he nonprofit world is large and there are often many other organizations working in the same or similar cause areas. To secure funding and keep your nonprofit running, it’s important to make your work stand out from the rest – telling your story in an exciting, clear way. Here’s the lowdown on new(ish) tools available for developing more robust stories.

9. Fundraising Approach/Philosophy: What Training for a Marathon Taught Me About Fundraising (and Vice Versa) (101fundraising): Jack Ryan reflects on how training for a marathon made him a better fundraiser—good general tips and reminders for fundraisers of all levels.

10. International Fundraising: Is Asian Charity Different from Western Charity? (SOFII): The economic world is shifting focus from the West to the East, and the shift is enormous. Mitchell Hinz has some advice about fundraising in Asia.

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